Besca Full Body HiitPi! Workout 20, #Fitter2017 CHALLENGE VIDEO & FREE CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINING! 3 Months of Training Photos+ Protein, Posture & Digestion, Realistic Diet Exercise Update, Groceries!


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For beautiful posture that leads to AWE-MAZING HEALTH daily I aim to do a 5 to 45 minute BESCA 💯FullBody HiitPi! & 1 time a day 🌟1. Power Up Prehab & 🌟5. Deep Breath Stretch of our 5 STAR INGREDIENT SECRET ABS SAUCE AKA BESCA HEALTHFROMTHEINSIDEOUT™ SAS!

Click here to finish with our new official deep breathing cool down pilates stretches!

Even with chaos there’s so many AWE-MAZING things I am GRATEFUL to YAHWEH for! I plan to keep making videos and blogging, but for now I am taking a hiatus to focus on passing my Certified Personal Training test this July! Keep an eye out for a future wider variety of fun workout videos made by us! 3 months into training 1 to 2 times a week updated after photos! I am finally on my way to seeing abs!

*1 Daily Power Up Prehab + Deep Breath Stretch*

*2-6XWK BESCA HiitPi! *****5 Star Ingredient Secret Abs Sauce©2016 AKA S.A.S 5-40 Minute Workout!

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*One Free Personal Training Assessment Session via Video Call Or In Person!!!

….& ****Four Free Personal Training Follow Up Sessions After My Personal Training Certification This New Year January 2017!!!

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To the doctors and nurses that might be reading this; True or False?
When intermittent fasting the body is in the catabolic (breaking down of muscles) anaerobic (less oxygenated) sympathetic nervous system state.
Some people try to say I am smart, but I give all credit to my King 👑 who I ask seek and trust to provide us all the right tools and rely on His spirit to guide us how to use them. Yahweh thank You for guiding and blessing us all amen.
What is it good for?
More than just muscles?
Protein forces the pyloric physcinter valve to shut so that acid doesn’t go up into the esophagus. When the stomach is empty there is no protein for the illiosecal valve to sense which causes the valve to shut!
I keep added sugar minimal and balanced in my diet.
From my acid reflux I’ve been dealing with since September I’ve now discovered this life saving tip; amino acids, BCAA’s, or any protein with minimal added sugar stops acid reflux!
If you’re busy like me and struggle with acid reflux, maybe you will also find drinking protein suppliments during the day and eating sugars BEFORE your main protein meal stops acid reflux!
Posture & Digestion:
One tip helping my shoulder sprain heal and retraining my muscles to get back to sustained proper posture is ask myself if my triceps are closer to my ribs with lats activated so not rounded forward and functionally if I am sqautting when I lean instead of slouching forward.
Realistic Diet & Exercise Update:
I REALIZE that WHEN I exercise at least a little bit once a day I WILL GET BACK UP TO 45 MINUTES OF BESCA💯HiitPi! to get the deep breathing cool down pilates style stretches in so I CAN maintain the proper posture I need for optimal digestion TO prevent the acid refulx WITH my PROPER DIET. This goal is only possible for me when my muscles repair and my food digests much better when I have enough calories for snack and dinner and the time to relax after while maintaing proper posture. Which allows my diaphragm sufficient space to keep breathing for substantial intestinal parastalic action. Parastalis moves food through the absorption and digestion process subconsciously based off our vegas nerve that connects our guts to our brain. This connection can actually be cut off when the diaphragm does not have suffiecnt space to keep the breathing coming from it instead of from the chest.
  1. Before breakfast I drink 24oz mineral water with 1 pill of Enzymedica Digest Gold Plus Probiotics (not affiliated).
  2. Breakfast since reflux I can’t have coffee at this time so if I’m not doing a lot of physical activity I’ll sip on the whole packet of Zija’s Xm+ pre workout drink mix sachet in 20oz water. If I am doing more activity I use half a packet and add 1 scoop of Zija’s Xm dutch chocolate protein powder. It is grass fed from New Zealand and undenatured meaning the glutathione is intact; our bodies most abundant free radical protecting anti-oxidant found in every cell.
  3. Before lunch I drink another 24oz mineral water. Maybe some tea and a lara bar, if not I need more calories in the evening to support proper posture.
  4. Lunch If I only had the Xm+ packet then I drink 2 scoops of Zija Xm protein powder. If I had half of the Xm+ packet with 1 scoop of protein powder in 20oz of water then I have the same drink a second time for lunch.
  5. Before dinner I drink another 24oz mineral water. 48oz when I workout.
  6. Afternoons once weekly I’ve been weightlifting. The other 6 days a week I am aim for at least a 5 minute, because I am working back up to 45 minutes of BESCA 💯Full Body HiitPi! *****5 Star Ingredient Secret Abs Sauce AKA SAS. *prehab *warmup ***3 exercise moves *ab burnout *deep breathing cool down pilates style stretch. If I keep at this pace, realistically I will be able to do a 15 to 45 minute workout again daily-where I was before reflux.
  7. Snack If I need to carb up to replenish my muscles for my fitness level then I eat a balance of protein, fiber, and fast digesting carbohydrates  from something like imported or organic candybars and cheese with kombucha or 1Cup organic icecream with 1Cup organic milk. If I am being an angel LOL then I eat 1Cup organic whole fat plain yogurt with 2teaspoons raw honey and some allspice or 1Tablespoon Kerrygold grassfed butter-contains the ready to absorb form of vitamin A and K2-important for all cell regeneration, with 1teaspoon raw honey and 3Tablespoons blanched organic peanut butter-to avoid aspergillus a fungus linked to breast and prostate cancer from the peanut shells.
  8. Dinner unless got home too late instead of another protein shake, I eat something like 3 organic free range eggs sunny side up keeps the nutrients undenatured. With maybe 3oz imported aged white cheddar cheese and 3 cups sauteed spinach (only 10% of the nutrients dissapate) in 3 tablsepoons of Kerrygold grass fed butter. Keep the fiber high when eating more healthy fats keep colon and liver healthy.

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