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I’ve been jogging as my warm up & doing my Daily Power Up/ Abs + Deep Breath Stretch soon after waking SO I CAN KEEP PROGRESSING IN MY FITNESS GOALS!

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Sorry for slackin’! This month has been like a wild ride! Lots of AWE-MAZING things that I am so GRATEFUL to YAHWEH for! I plan to keep making videos and blogging, but the blogs are going to be NASM informational to help me with my studies and a wider variety of fun workout videos to also help me workout! Next post will have an updated after photo! I am finally on my way to seeing abs! đź‘‘đź’Žđź’«


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America’s Lacking Vitamins, Enzymes, Healthy Fats, Probiotics to Absorb Nutrients & Stomach Acid Effects Candida + Quoto

I’m not a doctor. I reccomend seeing your doctor. The information provided on this web page is my experience and not intended for medical advice.


Why Glutathione for health:

Glutamine is our bodies most abundant amino acid, made in our brain from glutamate and plays a major role in anti-injury processes, muscle repair and is the precursor of Glutathione.

Glutathione (two types: GSH & GSSG) is the most powerful antioxidant in the human body because it protects and is present in every cell! It’s especially important for liver health and breaks down into Free Glutamate.

Glutamate (glutamic acid or L-Glutamate) is a monopeptide amino acid neurotransmitter in our brain; required for synaptic activity. Too much of it is an excitotoxin (MSG)! 

Why I love Zija’s Xm Whey Protein:
Many whole foods high in sulfur conatin glutathione. The best protocol for creating a body high in glutathione is decreasing the things that lower it and increasing the things that promote it’s production. Exercise boosts Glutathione production because it boosts ATP and can shield us from adverse effects of oxidative stress and aging! Quality whey protein concentrate (look for from from grass fed cows, minimal sugar, and no chemicals) doesn’t go through the second process whey isolate does; which renders the key amino acids for Glutathione production (cysteine, glycine, and glutamate) and it’s fragile unique cysteine residue called glutamylcysteine (cysteine+glutamate) as the highest bioactive absorbable source for converting to glutathione!

Why I love Zija’s energy mix packets because they replace my daily vitamin and the need for coffee! The moringa tree has been called the tree of life. It provides more vitamin C than oranges and more calcium than milk! I love the Zija moringa supermix packets! I also love Zija’s Xm+ pre workout packets because it also contains the same amount of caffine as 2 measured cups of coffee; without the fatigued crash because Zija’s shade dried minimally proccessed leaves retain their life giving enzymes as well as minerals like magnesium, calcium, and zinc that otherwise deplete with regular caffine use. The Xm+ packets are not intended for people under the age of 18 because it contains dessert tea also known as ephedra, but not the banned version that’s habbit forming. Zija is the only company who’s nutrition I prefer to suppliment with. It’s one time fee of $20 to get the distributor price. I paid the extra $129 for 12 months of free shipping because I planned getting both the Zija Xm Protein and the Xm+ packets shipped to me every 28 days which otherwise costs about $13 each shipment. If you want to try it here’s click the Zija paragraphs for link!

All the vitamins and minerals in the moringa plant in all of Zija’s products.

Natural Calm Magnesium Powder & Organic Unsulphured Molases Minerals:

Many Americans don’t get enough greens which are the best sources of the mineral magnesium which the body relies on for as a cofactor for an estimated 300 enzymes functions that are critical for energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission and bone mineralization. Some of the reactions catalyzed by these enzymes are fatty acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and glucose metabolism. Magnesium levels and absorption are also important for the regulation of calcium blanace though it’s effects on the parathyroid gland. Sourced from Now brand.

Kerrygold Ireland Grassfed butter:

contains the ready to absorb vitamin A. Sweet potatoes and carrots have the pre-form version of Vitamin A and need to be consumed with healthy fats because the pre-form version of Vitamin A is fat soluable. Meaning it’s only absorbable in the body when present at the same time with healthy fats!

Dr. Eric Berg on YouTube who I learned about the grassfed butter from also says all hair, skin, eyes, nails, and sinus issues are vitamin A deficiency! 

Both internal or externally skin issues means the eppitheal tissues aren’t getting enough healthy fats. 

If you care about invzesting into your health, then don’t sacrifice your health any longer and on your grocery list replace dietary unhealthy fats like, vegetable oil like corn, canola, and soy with healthy fats like, grass fed butter, unrefined coconut oil and organic olive oil!

Proteins and amino acids provide the proper acid for the gut. Things like coffee and sugar are also acidic but they don’t contain things like fiber and amino acids also known as proteins! Most people are already low in stomach acid and it also lessens as we age. Especially if candida yeast is overtaking inside the gut that is high likely a sign of low stomach acid because when we have low stomach acid the food doesn’t properly digest because there’s not enough good acids (like lemon juice which has same ph as stomach acid but is alkaline so it doesn’t upset the esophagus & acetic acid in organic mother vinegar) to break down the proteins which then creates a breeding ground and allows to feed the bad bacteria and can lead to candida overgrowth which can lead to SIBO AKA small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which lead to leaky gut, nutritinal deficiency from improper absorption, and also thyroid issues from too much chronically elevated stress weather it be physical, chemical, or emotional it all affects the gut. Too low stomach acid will actaully cause the esophagus to shut down because of too much acidic ph within the esophagus. Taking HCL with betain or pepsin will trigger the pyloric physcinter to close. Acid reflux is not a cause of too much stomach acid. It is the gut isn’t producing enough of it’s own stomach acid. I dont tatse my food anymore when I follow very low sugar no gluten meal plan and I don’t burp when taking HCL with pepsin or betain with 24oz mineral water 30 minutes before meals which means my ileosecal valve is closed which stops the acid from coming and allows esophagus to heal. Also hiatal hernia self adjustment has been a huge help for me. Hiatal hernia can also be cause for low stomach acid.

Stomach acid also depletes from medications and also if the mother was on medications while pregnant.

The gut of the mother is the gut good and bad bacteria ratio we’re born with.

Low stomach acid also can eventually lead to b12 deficiency wich can lead to irreversible mental and physical damage and even death if overlooked.

Did you know that different organs in the human body require a different PH? The human body is designed so intelligently that it will do everything in it’s power to survive by maintaining each organ’s separate PH!

Dr. Eric Berg says the valve on the gut only closes when the stomach of the acid is between 1 to 3; the same as BATTERY ACID!

This is the case because acids are what digest protein and absorb minerals like calcium iron and potassium and sterilize the environment of microbes and bad bacteria. When the Ph of the stomach is not acidic enough you will not have the liver trigger the release of gall bladder bile. Gallbladder bile is a fluid that helps us breakdown fats and absorb fats and fat soluable vitamins. It’s made by the liver, but stored in the gall bladder. If the stomach acid isn’t strong enough it won’t release the bile. Bile deficiency causes bloating. Which means primary stomach problem secondary gall bladder problem. Main symptoms of gallbladder is burping belching and pain in the right shoulder. Bile and pancrease work together. Pancrease is where most most of the enzymes in the body are broken down and the food ends up in the small intestine further broken down by microbes. If the stomach PH isn’t acidic enough it means you won’t release the bile; also it won’t release the pancrease causing delayed stomach emptying (bloating and constipation) leaving undigested food in the actaul stomach organ that rots and overferments accompanies abdominal and stomach pain and acid reflux. If the stomach PH isn’t strong enough the ileosecal valve also known as pyloric physcinter’s acid sensors won’t register to close which is also known as GERD/Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease.

Low stomach acid halts parastalsis; the automatic intestine pumping action that processes it’s way through the large and small intestine even if hanging upside down!

HCL, enzymes like papain and pepsin, and organic apple cider vinegar with the mother helps the bile to release from the pancrease. Bile salts will helps fortify the liver and gallbladder to digest for bloating. If not enough stomach acid and take bile salts you might alkalize the stomach acid because the gall bladder is alkaline (opposite of stomach which is acidic) which is rare but can happen. Correct alkalizing bile salts by taking the acidifying HCL and vinegar also aloe and ceyenne pepper help our stomach produce hydrochloric acid. The bile lubrucates to colon eliminating constipation. Also helps the absorbtion of Vitamin A for health of the hair, nails, eyes, skin; both internal epithelial tissue, like gut lining and external, because colon is more freed up to work efficiently!

Dr. Eric Berg recommends before meals

consuming HCL and enzymes (optional organic apple cider vinegar with the mother and or ceyenne pepper) followed by consuming after meals pancreatic enzymes (optional bile salts).

Dr. Eric Berg also says cloraphyl will heal peptic ulcers; which he reccomends to do first for a few weeks then take the HCL with pepsin or betain to bring the acid back to proper level. Some people reccomend in a glass of water ONLY between meals to consume aluminum free baking soda with the mother organic apple cider vinegar because it will provide the good acids with alkalinity for acid reflux; allowing esophagus to heal. 


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