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I’ve been jogging as my warm up & doing my Daily Power Up/ Abs + Deep Breath Stretch soon after waking SO I CAN KEEP PROGRESSING IN MY FITNESS GOALS!

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Me after not being able to eat much & only maintaining good spine & diet health by doing daily prehab abs & deep breathe stretch & superfood smoothies.

My measurements are the same after 2 weeks of doing BESCA HiitPi! 2-3xWk & training at the gym 1xWk with my new personal trainer who I’m also his personal trainer! We’re both getting certified in July! Art has won many 1st place body building competitions! We’re equally blessed with eachother’s expertise! He specializes in bodybuilding training because It’s his passion and he’s good at it! We’ll both be available to train after July. Contact us for his information.


*1 Daily Power Up/ Abs + Deep Breath Stretch*

*2-6XWK BESCA HiitPi! *****5 Star Ingredient Secret Abs Sauce©2016 AKA S.A.S5-40 Minute Workout!

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I Am Healing+ Quotos
Check our instagram @ besca_healthfromtheinsideout for the image I made explaining why this is my memory verse and exactly what kind of healthy habits schedule I am keeping along with the challenge of creating your own and exchanging with a mentor!
I think God is more interested in me fully trusting in Him, than in my understanding of what He is allowing in my life. We must pray before we do all things and read Psalm 37. In doing this God will give us biscuits and then multiply them so we then can’t help but give them away! (From a caller in memory of her mother Darlene Showers on Chris Fabrey live show on Moody Radio.  Look up his facebook page for more inspiration!) This is the essence of not over analyzing, but allowing God to do what His will is through us!
It’s all about motive. Be our own wavemaster!
As the quote from The Morning Star Mission homeless fundraiser comercial, (which also aired on Moody Radio).  “When we’re fed well, we think well.” Which for me was quality proteins and healthy fats.  It replayed in my heart the confirmation I’ve known since my first time around natural healing and my purpose.
Immediately God called to my memory my orignal health issues 3 years ago and the intrinsic fire He lit inside my being that’s part of our purpose to show people this truth!
As humans faith and healing comes when we get outside of ourselves.
In Christ we have The Author at our side and we can ask GOD TO BLESS US IN ALL THINGS from FOR HIS GLORY. ALWAYS IT’S MOTIVES. We can do the same things but with different motives… THAT’S THE MAIN LESSON GOD HAS TAUGHT ME through being sick since October! I want to do what I want to do with helping people BUT FOR CHRIST!  The money that comes we’re trusting Him to provide for us. We just want to be the hands and feet because yes people need money to survive, but our main motive and goal is the RICHNESS we gain from all the experiences in reflecting Christ and the church through our individual relationships and in our marriage. Like Ephesians 5 THROUGH RELIANCE UPON CHRIST, WITH CEASELESS PRAYER TO LOVE OTHERS BY EXAMPLE, THROUGH US FOR HIM💗💗💗
WE LOVE BY EXAMPLE (when we truly grasp how much we’re Cherished by God we will cherish, love & care for ourselves the way He loves & cares for us.  Which pours over through us in the way we cherish, love & care for others!)  ASK, SEEK, & TRUST GOD TO PROVIDE THE RIGHT TOOLS & HOW TO USE THEM!
We’re worth showing up for ourselves daily.
Being consistent takes a certain knowing factor of what direction you’re heading in.
I believe God reveals what His purposes are for us through the things we go through.
After going through this for so long, the vision is clear and the targets God has for us to aim at are no longer weighed down with brush.
I wasn’t keeping good consistency in healthy habits when I got sick in October with what seemed like bronchitus and lead to an ulcer. Stress is now becoming not so overlooked as the cause of dis-ease. At the same time as nearing my certified personal training test we were facing possible eviction over my 2 cats!
The main thing that started helping me swallow whole food again without having to blend it is simply ASKING GOD TO BLESS MY FOOD AND WATER THAT HE MAY TURN OFF SICKNESS FROM THE MIDST OF ME. This is nothing short of a miracle God performed in my own life. It would be unfair to God for the glory He deserves if I didn’t share this fact. Please please please ask! Can you hear Him saying that?! If God wants us to ask Him to bless our food and drink that He may “turn off” Greek word meaning of take away sickness from our “bowels” or the midst of us then how much more does God want us to ask Him to bless everything and everyone else He places in our lives?! Even to the smallest thing. Please never think God is not interested. He is the One creating the tapestry and sees the upside of it. While the small jumbles strands may make no sense to us. Just ask and trust. God is always waiting and wanting us just ask. He’s always persuing us. If we just ask then maybe we’ll start looking. If we’re looking only then will we see all the ways He wants to communicate with us and build our relationship with Him. You can’t get anything here in this world more beautiful that that! The other things since then that are helping me is Aloesorb and the Enzymedica Digest Gold Plus Probiotics, which I’ve been out of for a long time. I have been trying all kinds of other things to heal as well like doctor formulated probiotics which just don’t seem to help me at all after trying 3 different kinds. I am not affiliated with Enzymedica. This is the only probiotic that works the best for me.
The other thing that has really helped me is adding just a small amount of lemon and vinegar to yogurt when I eat organic whole plain no sugar added organic yogurt which is greatly helping me heal my gut lining.
Thank God my sugar addiction is managable now. That really helps groceries! I seem to only want Ice cream if its with lemon and vinegar and half fruit, but also half yogurt. Even the whole wheat waffle I ate needed yogurt with the syrup, because it was just too sweet… I feel like all my families jaws will drop at this because I know mine was when I wanted to spit out the icecream because it was too sweet… I’m stunned but excited!!!
Please never think It’s too late for you or your health is too far gone especially our memories, because there’s a nerve called the vegas nerve that links the gut to the brain. People’s intestines still work even when they’re unconscious. The gut has been called the second brain for many reasons. Did you know that less than 10% of our serotonin is made by the neurotransmitters in our brain?! Over 90% is made in our intestines! Did you know that humans are 90% microbial but only 10% human? According to this site
linking the related studies; germ free rodents had to consume nearly one third more calories to maintain their body weight.  When the same rodents were later given a dose of bacteria their bodyfat levels increased even though they didn’t eat more than they had before.
The lining of the gut is compromised by presecription medications as well as too much of anything acidic like sugar and caffiene. This can compromise the ph of the stomach acid which can then burn holes in the lining and cause acid reflux and ulcers. Neuroplasticisty has been shown to improve when we incorporate foods that heal and strengthen this lining and improves cognitive funtion by reducing food sensitivities. I’ve been modeling my diet high in the nutrients present in the GAPS diet to heal.  Many moms have greatly improved their kids’ autism spectrum disorder with this as well!
Through all of this I’ve learned so much about the gut and enzymes. The companies for items below I’m not affilaited with. The Serrapeptase enzyme taken on an empty stomach helps the body breakdown and eliminate dead cells and scar tissue through all our various elimination routes. Lots of people is sports use this as well as people with lung issues. When people want to rebuild the epithelial lining whether internal or the external skin tissue if we’re up against a lot of stress, and most people are in the fast paced world we live in today; we use up a lot of antioxidents which we need for cellular regeneration. It can be highly inflammitory causing lots of pain and difficulty if the body is having a hard time breaking down and getting rid of the old when building the new.
The next item in the photo below is Aloesorb it has been helping me protect the lining while rebuilding my internal lining which aslo goes in hand with recolonizing the gut gut with colonies of good bacteria that can be weakened when there’s been damage to the walls of my intestines. Which can also happen when we eat several different foods at a time and it takes several different enzymes to digest them all. Something I’ve learned along my journey is how mich of our body and it’s productions rely on tons of different enzymes! For example Lipase is an awesome disease fighting enzyme which actaully is needed for digesting fat! Protease is the protein digesting enzyme. Also when we don’t chew thoughouhly the enzyme Amalase which digests carbohydrates will no be produced enough in our mouths to break down and digest it all and will leave particles of undigested carbohydrates in our intestines which actually feed the bad bacteria only making matters worse for people who already have issues. Apparently the lack of the proper enzymes to digest all the different foods we eat and can leave hard build up (muquiod plaque) covering the walls of our intestines which is where the nutrients are absorbed through our large intestine of the upper GI tract. If you attempt to want to cleanse out your intestines you must first do a colon cleanse and only then follow it with a liver flush because the colon must not be backed up when you set out to flush your liver. Clean blood is our life soucre! The liver filters the blood. If you have a compromised gut you will have toxins leaking through it into your blood. I plan on using magnesium oxide powder caps to help my colon along and from there on out including some daily liver herbs like milk thistle in a tincture recipe blend of herbs called Liver Cleanse from (no affiliation with either site) and following the diet I am doing now which is just a good gut diet I guess we can call it. Lots of healthy fats, quality proteins from imported or organic dairy and wild caught fish. Half fruit or greens with every meal. High raw during the day and only a small amount of added sugar as a dessert after dinner with probiotics for example some stuffed with berries whole grain pancakes with orgainc butter, organic whole fat cream, and only a small amount of syrup. As usual still doing intermittent fasting which keeps my bodyfat in range just not fasting as long unless neccessary which can be bad for ulcers if you eat too much at one meal. General guideline is anything after 10 hours the body then able tap into burning it’s stored fat fuel. Anything longer than 18 hours fasting and body becomes catabolic and likely switch to storing fat for survival and instead burn muscle. The more weight have to lose the longer it takes to have a lower background insulin level.
L-glutamine is for rebuilding and repairing cell tissues. This powder form along has helped me along with greatly this combination of organic whole fat no sugar added yogurt, with half applesauce for the pectin health benefits of removing bad cholesterol from the body with teaspoon each organic applecider vinegar with the mother (alsocontain pectin & acetic acid and lemon juice, which help give yogurt enzymes especially good for store boght. It tastes awesome! I am using this site
to make a hybrid kefir from my kombucha scoby for homemade raw benefits from dietary sources with all the things that help rebuild and restore and supply my body with lots of things it needs! L-Glutamine is a lot like Glutathione responsible for many functions in the body similar to Magnesium which is a co-enzyme for 350 factors within the human body! Eat like Jesus and eat your greens!
Check out this video from a guy who was in a wheel chair at age 19 until one man showed him how to eat hiw our maker created us to!

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