Besca šŸ’ÆFull Body HiitPi! Workout 14! FITTER THAN LAST WEEK CHALLENGEšŸ”„! BESCA Healthfromtheinsideoutā„¢ S.ecret S.auceĀ©2016! How Do Our Nerves Communicate?! Romans10:3-4Application Prayer&Quoto!

Besca šŸ’Æ Full Body HiitPi! Workout 14 Bootcamp Option!

Click here to start with our full body warm up!


Click here to finish with our new official deep breathing cool down pilates stretches!

The following topic sections are longšŸŒ“ā€¼

BESCA Healthfromtheinsideoutā„¢ Secret Abs Sauce AKA S.A.S!Ā©2016

šŸ’„3 ingredient S.ecret S.auce for successfully defined abs!šŸ’„


Did you practice the bootcamp at all and share and challange with your freinds?! We have been practicing, but no where near on point to keep up with the timer! How will we get better at it if we don’t practice?!?

Use a timer or download an app or just press replay! We decided on double jump toe tap side shuffle for cardio last week! I like the 40 minutes, but it’s a lot!




Don’t forget to add the Besca Healthfromtheinsideoutā„¢ Secret Abs Sauce S.A.S. Ā©2016! At least add an Ab burnout because YOU WILL REAP THE BENEFITS! Especially if you warm up do short HIIT with deep breathing cool down stretching then some crunches or whatever until you can’t do another one šŸ”„ā€¼

I do whatever I have time for!

1.) Bootcamp style with timer & cardio exercises between is a great option for doing once or twice a week in addition to daily Besca šŸ’ÆHiitPi! Sometimes I do only 5 minutes of HiitPi! If that’s all I have time for by performing each of the 3 exercise moves from the photo&video 30 timesāœ”&šŸ’„knock out a sweat! The only thing that helps me keep my back (& scapula from working with too much forward posture) from hurting (from the 2 herniated disks I had about 5 hears ago) is everyday I do at least pull up bar & or ab roller & dip station, & neck traction from the chiropractor-hangs over the door & looks like a noose & it’s ahhmazing! Followed by at least a few of my favorite stretches! If I didn’t have thoese home equipment I’d just do the wall sit ups & press offs using our UBAG method for complete glute & core strengtheingšŸŽ‰šŸ’Æā€¼

2.) Try the bootcamp or your version of BESCA šŸ’ÆHiitPi! & be sure to immediately follow it up with the the deep breathing cool down pilates stretching video!Ā  If your doctor approves start where you are! Modifying the movements to your ability and work your way up to the full movements! That’s what I did!

3.) Sticking with a just a few minutes~3 rounds or about 15 minutes of Besca šŸ’ÆHiitPi (full body calisthenics/hiit/abdominal core strengthing type exercises)…Always followed by just a few mintes~1 round of our full body deep breathing cool down is realisticly ahhmazing for our healthšŸ‘“šŸ’Ŗ &Ā has changed my back pain and life forever! Thank You YahwehšŸ’„šŸ’Æā€¼

I didn’t get in shape doing that long of workouts!

I got in shape, rid of asthma & cellulitus, using very short (never more than 20 minutes) high intensity workouts combined with intermittent fasting; while still eating non GMO dairy & wildcaught fish!

My favorite snack idea recently is… Drumroll pleasešŸ˜‚šŸ™Œā€¼ After my morning GF&S smoothies I’m snacking on spoonfulls of hemp seeds, bee pollen, fresh fruit, kombucha with chia seeds (makes feelĀ energized,Ā like WOW brings oxygen to the blood!), homemade trailmix with raisins, walnuts, and cacao nibs! So no chocolate or seedy mess!Ā Always water and little to no oil & sugar added **until dinner!** inĀ an effort for keeping my energy, blood sugar, & moring & day running smoothly after my morning GF&S smoothie,Ā and my calories coming from only easily digestable mostly raw vegan foods keeping my body in the parasympathetic nervous system state for higher energy until my large dinner!

Finish off with my desert after a balanced dinner to reach my peakĀ insulin to release the good HGH (human growth hormone) and finally send that signal to my bodyĀ that it’s timeĀ for my my body to enter into the sympathetic nervous system of resting & digesting, for Ā rebuilding & repairing all those muscles I worked so hardšŸ˜œ to teardown during the day! Anyone who knows about fitness hopefully knows that when we workout we are breaking down muscle tissue to build it up strongeršŸ’Æā€¼ Which burns more calories at resting rate which means we can eat more to maintain that muscle! Plus saving my added sugar and oil for dinner and desert brings me down from all that energy during the day!Ā Natural sugar helps release melatonin in our brains to help us sleep! I sleep like a baby when sticking to this version of Intermittent Fasting lifestyle with an “undereating-phase” during the day! It works productively well for refining my positive habits!

When life gets busy I realize all I really need is to just take care of myself to show love to myself and those in my life! I’ve had to remind myself this week that I don’t need to do a 40 minute workout, 6 days a week which has been a goal of mine. That’s an awesome goal, but to me enjoying life is having more time to focus also on my relationships with others as well.
I took a week off everything because we’re dealing with something Yahweh has been teaching me a long time; even in the midst of trials, how to acknowledge all my thoughts and not dwell on them to the point where it distracts me from productivity!
The first two weeks of our 30 day positive habit preparations list challange is going great! We decided that no matter what hour if we stick to getting the items checked off our virtual list everyday,Ā it still counts! That has saved us from starting the month over before getting to practice!! Curtis & I make the best BescašŸ’ÆHealthfromtheinsideoutā„¢ teamšŸ’žā€¼

These last two weeks I learned my lesson to try new goals, but if at that time it gets in the way of me being able to prioritize the things I get to do in my life & continuing to build my relationships that are important to me with others; to move on for now and remain open to other goals later=mentalšŸ‘“strengthšŸ’Ŗā€¼ People make eachother strongerĀ together when in community, so that we’re also much stronger in mental strength functioning in our own lives as wellšŸ’ÆšŸ¾

Like share and subscribe to all our social media with your friends if it helps you! ItĀ helpsĀ us know we’re inspiring you and yours on your journey to Ā health from the inside out! Thank you millionsšŸ™ŒšŸ˜!!!!!!!

We hope this blog helps you throughout the coming weeks & rings in a beautiful new fall! I’m not sure how often I will be making BESCA šŸ’ÆHiitPi! videos at the moment! For sure I will keep blogging! Either way you’ll hear from me! For now I may switch to posting every two or three weeks! If you have comments on how often you like to read and or watch our content please let us knowšŸ’„ā€¼
Please let us know if you’re joining us on our journey to enjoy life one breath, bite & siesta at a time! We are glad to be here everytime you need inspiration to get your butt into gear to take care of your health from the inside out; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationallyšŸ’„šŸ’Æā€¼

Have an awesome week! Chow for nowšŸ˜‰! Enjoy your workouts with a buddy and or some music! Enjoy the science of our awesome God-made bodies and love language; Yahweh speaks to me through language and artsšŸŽØšŸŽ¤ā€¼

How Do Our Nerves Communicate?!

Basic Exercise Science composes the Human Movement System also known as the Kinetic Chain! The Human Movement System holds the basic structure & function of the nervous system, the skeletal system, and the muscular system! The endocrine (all 7 major chakra/hormone glands) system is also part of the Human Movement System!
Basic Exercise Science describes how these systems respond and adapt to exercise! Today I’ll be sharing with you what I’m learning about the Nervous System!
The Nervous System is composed of two (three total) interdependent divisions that are synergistically dependant on eachother!
One we will not go into much here is the Enteric Nervous System which is the gut and it’s muscles and parastaltic action (needs ample hydration for good movements (bowel) & never ceases to keep sucking food through the intestines even when we are upside down!) contracts without using our brain and or spinal cord and their nerves!
The Central Nervous System consists of the brain and spinal cord and it’s main funtion is to coordinate the activity of all parts of the body! Referred to in order from the brain to the Coccygeal nerve (what is known as our tailbone).Ā Starting with the Brain, Brainstem, Cervical enlargement & the Cervical nerves (C1-8 disks in the spine from brain to about the shoulders that also control the muscles in our arms, hands, and fingers, as well as organs in this area like the heart), theĀ Spinal cord & the Thoracic nerves (T1-12 in the spine from about the lungs down to about where the obliques start and also control all our other organs within this area) & Lumbar enlargement, Lumbar nerves (L1-5 in the spine from about where the obliques start to the sacrum starts and also control muscles and organs in this area of our body as well like our Transverse Abdominis), and finally the Sacral nerves (S1-5 in the spine from where the sacrum starts to where the Coccygeal nerve starts which is it’s own category and the sacral nerves also control organs and muscles within this area of the body!
The Peripheral Nervous System houses 12 Cranial nerves, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, which all branch out from the brain and out through every disc space all the way down our spine (which is how our brain communicates to and from our muscles and organs), and sensory receptors. Sensory Receptors are located in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, and include muscle spindles, golgi tendon organs, and joint receptors! There are 4 Sensory Receptors that come out all along each of the 31 pairs of spinal nerves. The first is Mechanoreceptors which respond to mechanical forces (touch and pressure)! The second Sensory Receptor is Nocireceptors which respond to pain (pain receptors). The third is chemoreceptors which respond to chemical interactions (smell and taste)! And the fourth is Photoreceptors which respond to light (vision)!
The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) make up the Cranial and spinal nerves that spread throughout the body. The Peripheral Nervous System are nerves that connect the CNS to the rest of the body & and the external environment. The nerves in the PNS are how the CNS receives, senses, and responds to touch, sound, light, & other stimuli; this is the job of Sensory Afferent Neurons.
Sensory Afferent Neurons are the nerves that transmit nerve impulses from our muscles & organs (effector sites) to the spine/CNS (Central Nervous System/Brain & Spinal Cord)Ā through the sesnsory afferent neuron’s Receptive Synaptic Terminals!
The end of the Sesnsory Afferent Neuron’s Receptive Synaptic Terminals meet up with theĀ Motor Efferent Neuron’sĀ Dendrites,
(Dendrites areĀ located at the ends of the cell bodies of Neurons &Ā branch out of the Soma/cell body (containsĀ cell organelles, the nucleus, lysosoms, & the Golgi Complex)Ā of the neuron, gather information from other structures & transmit that information back into the neuron)
at theĀ motor end plate which is the intrafusal and extrafusal muscle fibers (in & outside of Muscle SpindlesĀ whichĀ are receptors located in the belly of muscles,Ā sensitive to detecting the length & the rate of that length change
through theĀ Stretch Reflex Mechanism immediately sends a nerve impulse to the spinal cord & causes the muscles to contract within 1 to 2 milliseconds.Ā This is where SynapsisĀ takes place which isĀ when the muscle receives information from the Axon of the Motor Efferent Neuron & signals the Sensory Afferent Neuron muscles to contract
involuntarily/automatically without using our consciousness/CNS/Brain & Spinal Cord)Ā  in order to prevent overstretching and potential nerve/muscle/organ damage in the the spinal cord system!

Romans 10:3-4 Application Prayer&Quoto!


For (indeed, no doubt, seeing) they (Isreal) being ignorant (ignore, not understand) of God’s (Theos, the supreme Divinity) righteousness (equity of character or act, specifically Christian justification) and (moreover) going about (seek, worship God, or in a bad sense to plot against life, go about, desire, endeavour, enquire, require, will seek after, for means) to establish (abide, appoint, bring, continue, covenant, set up, stand by) their ownĀ righteousness (equity of character or act, specifically Christian justification), have not (without, yet) submitted themselves (reflexively to obey, obedient, subdue unto, be or make subject unto, submit self unto) the righteousness (equity of character or act, specifically Christian justification) of God (Theos, the supreme Divinity).
Isreal ignored theĀ (equity of character or act, specifically Christian justification) of God (the supreme Divinity) and went about to seek God, worship Him, in a bad sense to plot against, desire, enquire, seek after for means; in their own way establish, abide, covenant, and stand by their own righteousness (equity of character or act specifically, Christian justification) without yet submitting; making themselves subject unto the fact that Yahweh only declares us righteousĀ (equity of character or act specifically, Christian justification)Ā now and at judgement by our faith in Christ the Messiah alone.
God’s plan for our righteousness and justification (now & at judgement) is only to come from our faith in Him alone, not from trying to live out the law in our everyday lives. We are saved by faith. But faith that doesn’t produce works is dead. (scripture reference:
Isreal wanted to keep believing that their works was what was going to justify them and declare them righteous and pure in Yahweh’s sight at judgement.
But we still want to make ourselves subject to Yahweh with our equity of character and actions because our faith alone in Christ asĀ the Messiah changes the *motivations* behind our equity of character and actions!
For (indeed, no doubt, seeing)Ā Christ (annointed, the Messiah)Ā is the end (to set out for a definite point or goal, a point properly aimed at as a limit, the conclusion of an act or state, termination, result, immediate, ultimate or prophetic purpose, impost or levy as paid, continual,Ā custum, ending, finally, uttermost) of the law (to parcel out,Ā especially food or grazing to animals, law through the idea of presciptive usage, generally regulation, specifically the volume books of Moses & the gospel) for (indicatingĀ the point reached or entered of place, time, or purpose, result) righteousness (equity of characterĀ or act specifically Christian justification) to everyone (all, any, every, the whole, always, anyone, daily, ever, everyone, as many as, throughouly, whatsoever, whole, whosoever) that believeth (to have faith in, upon, or with respect to a person or thing, that is, credit; by implication to entrust, especially,Ā one’s spiritual well being to Christ, believe(-r), commit to trust, put in trust with).
IsrealĀ didn’t want to accept that Christ the Messiah is the end (prophetic purpose) of the law (to parcel out, especially food or grazing to animals, law through the idea of presciptive usage, generally regulation, specifically the volume books of Moses & the gospel) for the time, purpose, and result of righteousness (equity of character or act specifically Christian justification) to ALL who believe, have faith in, respect, to credit, entrust one’s spiritual well being to Christ and put in their trust with Him.Ā We are declared holy and righteous now and at judgement by our faith in Christ alone. Which changes the motives behind our character and actions.
Christ is the end of Moses’ sacrificial laws! Righteousness/justification at judgement will be given to anyone who entrusted our spiritual well being to Christ the Messiah!
On application level besides the main point Yahweh I feel You’re trying help this verse mean somethings else also very great to me in my life!
If I put my faith and trust in You Yahweh You will help this to be the end of my former life the one where I don’t have faith or confidence in myself and all that You believe and want for me.
Also this is the beginning of the end a definite point or goal aimed at as a limit! Termination with an ultimate prophetic purpose You have for me in my life as an impost or levy as paid continual custom ending finally uttermost!
For a specific point reached entered in a place time purpose abundant intent mind never ((give)) up on perish ((my old life and way)) set at one again throughout til to be the endward whereby with expressing motion literally or figuratively!
And this righteousness/equity of character or act justifies me and will declare me WHOLE & completed in all the work You have for me to do and off to a new start in our lives by You when I believe in & credit by implication entrusting my spiritual well being & believe commit to put trust in with YOU YAHWEH that this is my prophetic purpose You have for me in my life with an intentional definite goal aimed at that You have and foresee and want me to reach enter in a place & time with a purpose & abundant intent mind never give up on perish my old life and way set at one again throughout til to be the end of my former life the one where I don’t have faith or confidence in myself and all that just to reflect
Thank You Yahweh for helping me to see the analogies to make a difference in my life in the here and now as well as with a future focal point.

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