Positive Habit Preparations! 🐯


This week’s video is on our YouTube channel and I will be using that one to post into the blog next week! Check the video for preparation suggestions and check the blog next week for my favorite snack ideas!

I can’t wait to share with you how our first week went and to start this new bootcamp option of our Besca HiitPi Workouts! Join us in the challange of continuing our Besca HiitPi Workouts for this week in preparation for bootcamp as well as the challange below?!

I’m taking the week off from writing a full blog to dial in on making my newly updated schedule into consistent positive habits! My husband, Curtis and I are each taking our own list of things we want to build into positive new habits and challanging eachother to stick to completing the things on the list for the next 28 days (best habit creating time frame) and if we miss one thing one day, the month starts over! Talk and about a REAL challange keeper!!

Sorry just now sending this out as we’ve been figuring life out as it comes! Hope you all have an awesome week doing the same😅! Chow for now!!

Love 💘 & prayers for Yahweh to help us all as we figure out the best ways we can create positive habits into our schedules for our health from the inside out!


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