Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! 9 & Faith Follow Up! Updated Diet & Exercise Schedule!

Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 9

Deep Breathing Cool Down Pilatestretch


“INSPIRING OTHERS TO ENJOY LIFE ONE BREATH, BITE, & SIESTA AT A TIME!” Besca healthfromtheinsideout™ ©2016

Faith Follow Up

Sorry this post is coming out late Monday! Any time over the weekend check our YouTube channel for this weeks workout video if you don’t see the blog in your inbox yet! My husband got his splint off today! Life has been overwhelming! Curtis is healing up so AWEmazingly! Thank you everyone for your prayers! Got the splint off today. We’re more than blessed and thankful beyond words in our praises to Yahweh for His mercies!

Helps me learn to live with less because it helps me live in the moment and makes it easier to be aware and acknowledge Yahweh’s prescence in all things I’m doing!
Read Psalm 116 & Romans chapers 1-10
Word studies coming next on Romans!
Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way, but God is good in His perfect grace and mercy. He sees the upside of the tapestry. Who are we to be upset when things don’t go our way. Yahweh’s ways are higher than ours. We can’t see the past present and future all at once like He can. Faith=trust & trust=faith.
The biggest thing that scares me is getting to where we want to be with goals vision wise and thinking I have it all together, pride will sweep me from under my feet and I’ll be left looking around at the present wondering where did our future go? Instead I choose to trust Yahweh and He helps us enjoy the present moments in life. MEMORIZE PROVERBS 3:5-6 first person application!
I want to be that strong person that under pressure doesn’t crack but is able to do all the things she needs to do but still do it with love.
Yahweh loved us first by sending His Son Yahushua to die on the cross in place of our sins.
We love Him because He loved us first!
Just like Ephesians 5 great mystery is how the relationship between a husband and wife can reflect the relationship between Christ and the church. The way Christ loved us while we were yet sinners and died on the cross for us in our place. It is why we can’t help but to live our lives in a way that brings Him glory by asking and inviting Him into our everyday lives for help to rely on His Holy Spirit, wisdom, guidance, and strength to live our lives in a way pleasing to Him, praying without ceasing (1st Thessalonians 5:17) that all we do may be done in reliance upon Him and not be done in vain (1st corinthians 15:58).
We get to have a relationship with Yahweh and the result of an Awe-mazing thing that only Yahweh can do will bring Him all the glory, honour, and praise! Giving credit where it’s due!
Habit goals=Read “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg



Updated Diet & Exercise Schedule!

It’s all about the mind! There’s some things to consider about intermittent fasting that I am just learning pertaining to fat loss, muscle gain, hormones (the same thing as neurotransmitters that transmit signals all throughout each nerve that is housed by our spines that control every organ completing the total body and mind connection).

The following is scientific information is worth GOLD that can save your body from stress and wasted time! TRUST ME… Just check out my transformation 😃 with IF!

Schedule A: 12 hour fast with workout at 8am and breaking fast at 9am and feeding window from 9am to 9pm!

Having these two options will be great for flexibility because my husband’s schedule varies and we like to eat dinner together and aim to sleep at the same hour!

Schedule B: 18 hour fast with workout at 5pm and breaking fast at 6pm and feeding window from 6 to midnight!

Optional C: 12 or 18 hour fast with workout whenever and just keep the eating window closed same time every night or pick a specific time to break the fast every day like say noon or 2pm.

Why I want two schedules so I have options! I can later choose to change my mind if my goals change! I can do weight lifting on 12 hour fasting days Monday Wednesday and Friday’s then my besca 💯workouts Tuesday & Thursday’s with a fast longer yhan 12 hours but no longer than 18 hours with a 6 hour feeding window.
With an 18 hour fast sipping bullet proof coffee can really help maintain, but it also makes daily carbohydrate intake about 50% and fat% which my personal preferance for carbs are about 60% and fat about 30%, that could change if goals change! Something to note is that keeping away from any added sugar even honey during under eating phase of the day is a great way to stave off hunger and control/sustain healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day! A couple bananas in my GF&S smoothie is fine for me if my goals are the avlbove stated macronutrient ratios, but if higher fat and or higher protein then I’d opt for whole fat plain yoghurt sweetened with stevia drops topped with berries and granola. Really anything so long as it was grain free and sugar free if my diet goals were more paleo or Maximized Living Advanced plan style eating.
A negative effect caffine can have on people is it can burn out the adrenal glands because having chronically elevated cortisol is a recipe for neuro function disaster, but there is also research that supports the health benefits of caffine so long as it isn’t consumed with sugar.
If I wanted to I can do the 12 hour fast without bullet proof coffee and just with plenty water and maybe mostly herbal tea and do work and wait til after my first “undereating phase” meal of the day as a pre workout then fruit and tea or oatmeal with chia or hemp seeds and fruit as my few hundred calorie “lunch-snack” and usual dinner of whatever my body needs and of coarse a small treat to set my body in it’s melatonin creating state the parasympathetic nervous system or feed and breed, rest and relaxation mode.
Or bodyweight hiit Monday through Friday’s with the option of using it as a cardio session if I add other training to my routine!
“Once we feel we’ve arrived in all we think there is to learn in one area we stunt our growth in all others.”
besca healthfromtheinsideout ©2016
@1:45 in the video linked above=Metabolism has many facets. thermogenic effect aka smaller more frequent meals is only one way the metabolism effectively works.
@2:21 in the video linked above= Learning about IF and pushing first meal later in the day research has shown causes the body to release growth hormone for men up to 2000% and women up to 1200%! This hormone called Human Growth Hormone or HGH is what causes the fat to first break into smaller peices.
Greg from Kinobody is one of the main people’s advice I took that helped me be successful in reaching my goals! I trusted his advice because it’s along the lines of the Warrior Diet by Ori Hoffmekler! It’s a fantastic way to do intermittent fasting because it allows for an undereating phase where eat only raw fruit and vegetables and or some plant protein-from greens (maybe from grains after fruit first for actaully breaking the fast-because fruit digests much better than grains upon breaking a 12 to 18 hour fast or  minmally processed whey protein powder.
Read why the Warrior Diet is the best way to do Intermittent Fasting by clicking this link by Dr.Joseph Mercola =
More one meal a day support links:
Sometimes people with more leptin sensitivity are the ones who have better thermogenic metabolism. I think adrenal and thyroid function are the determining factor for me when it comes to the thermogenic factor. When i stay off coffee I notice my bodies abibilty to regulate and function everything is much better as well as the thermogenisis revved metabolism is easier to adjust to 12 to 18 hour fasts depending on my goals and or situations!-SO LONG AS I’m drinking plenty water-then everything is functioning great! Its when I drink coffee that I don’t drink enough water-also tea does the same thing but to a lighter degree-I love a cup of mostly herbal tea first thing upon waking. I feel maybe I successfully do the 16 or 18 hour fast with a breeze if when I skip any coffee and even possibly tea at least up until right before the workout-the only reason I want a very low calorie pre workout would be to suppliment an energy boost before a workout for sqeezing the most out of the growth hormone released during fasting so that during the parasympathetic nervous system state-the feed and breed-rest&relaxation state after main evening meal; all those nutritients are petitioned into repairing those muscles I worked so hard so my body efficeinetly burns more fat in both the sympathetic nervouse system state alert energetic and focused and the parasympathetic nervous system state.
People can choose an eccentric or explosive activity to break the fat first like traditional weightlifting if they weren’t intereted in IF.
I choose IF to break the fat first then hiit to burn the fat so that when I’m sweating I’m burning fat as fuel and not simply fluctuating the number on a scale from 10# gain or loss of water here and there up and down yoyo dieting.
HGH released during fasting is what breaks the fat so it can be used as energy by the muscles instead of water weight deceiving us fluctuating in the # on a scale!
Type 1A and type 2A muscle fibers is where the fat burning takes place inside the mitochondria. Which our muscles have more type 1A and type 2A muscle fibers than type 2B muscle fibers. Type 1A and type 2A muscle fibers require either a fatty acid or a glucose for energy. In using oxygen, type 1A and type 2A muscle fibers convert either a fatty acid or a glucose into a high energy bond called ATP. This is the fat burning and detoxification process known as fat oxidation.
Burning fat means recruiting as many muscle fiber types from type 1A and type 2A from all 640 skeletal muscles in the body including the heart, providing these muscle fiber types with both oxygen and free fatty acids to burn. The more of these muscle fiber types we can activate at any given time equals more fat we can burn at any given time.
Our bodies fat cells are not readily able to be burned as fuel by the body because they must first be broken down into smaller peices before they are able to be transported into the mitochondria cells of our muscle fibers that is why they say our bodies preferred source of energy is glycogen.
Break fat first with either eccentric or explosive activities that activate the Type 2B muscles OR break fat first by fasting. Anything that releases HGH in the body heats up the fat tissue and breaks it down turning it into fatty acids which are smaller peices that can now enter into the muscles creating high energy bonds called ATP and can now be used as energy to burn as fuel by all 640 skeletal muscles in our human bodies! Aerobic activities like steady state cardio and muscle activity that activate Type 1A & Type 2A muscle fibers will burn fat since the fat has now been broken down into smaller pieces and can now be used as energy!
Jacob Nadav from explains the science of breaking fat vs. burning fat in this video linked below=

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