Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 8 & What is faith?

Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 8

Finish with this full body cool down! 

If your doctor approves I challange you to take your health from the inside out to the next level with me & commit to doing these workouts with me 3X a week & making fun 🌞 cardio days between!!

Sorry these posts are planned to be sent early monday mornings and this weekend has taken a turn of direction! Read on to find out why…Stay tuned next week for my fully updated diet and exercise schedule options based on my experiements this passed week and science for fat loss.


What is faith?


What we are underneath is revealed during the pressures of life.

We can ask Yahweh for His help to be our strength that nothing we do is in vain when we ask His Holy Spirit to DO it through us because we can’t.

I recorded this workout after my husband was taken to the hospital not knowing if he was going to have surgery on his elbow right away or not.

He broke his elbow riding his speed bicycle for errands through the city. Was going fast and the construction can make curbs look deceptive.

We are praising Yahweh he made it home alive and his elbow is the only broken bone!

I didn’t get anything to eat before taking him to urgent care because I was going to do my workout around that time.

Needless to say by the time I got home from urgent care and my husband agreed to be transported by the ambulance because it may have needed emergency surgery and to avoid down power lines from the tornado that just passed through Grand Rapids and so his arm could properly be supported on the ride for no further wreckage; I still hadn’t eaten or exercised.

Fasted all day is great for spiritual health and during crisies can be scary.

When I don’t do simple basic core strengthening exercises at least 3 times a week then my back is terrible.

During the crisies of life how do we know where or what our faith and firm belief is placed in?

I was faced with two decisions.

1. Act frantic, drive to Grand Rapids in the dark with GPS which with my phone is not reliable with, without eating, skip the workout have a bad back and not be able to be my husband’s support emotionally, mentally, relationally, nutritionally, physically, or spiritually.


2. Trust, ask and pray that Yahweh has my husband, the whole situation, and guiding the surgeon’s hands and angels, under control and record the workout because I had to do the workout to take care of myself so I can be there for my husband emotionally, mentally, relationally, nutritionally, physically, & spiritually.

We are so thankful for all our friends and family and Yahweh sparing my husband’s life. He ended up having surgery the next day and is home now and we are so thankful everything went great and he is resting and healing.

I asked Yahweh what to do and I knew the answer because when I don’t take care of myself I am no good for trying to care for anyone else.

Through His strength we can do all things.

Worrying doesn’t add to our lives.

Where are you placing your hope, trust, faith, and firm belief? 

Are we placing our faith in the strength of our own flesh when we don’t ask Yahweh for His help, guidance and direction?

Anything or anyone we place our hope, strength, faith, and firm belief in more over than God is an idol.

Then we are worshipping the creature or material things over Yahweh.

That is how imbalances in our lives and addictions and or codependencies on people and or substances set in.

In a fitness example we can compare ourselves to others instead of focusing on our total health from the inside out and that would be idolizing physical appearance instead of looking to Yahweh for guidance on His direction He wants us to take for caring for our bodies; the Holy Spirit’s temple.

In marriage or dysfunctional relationships we screw this up pretty easy too. Anytime I look to my husband to meet my deepest emotional needs that form a God sized hole in my heart that only my relationship with Yahweh can fill that is idolizing or looking to man or flesh for strength. In codependent relationships we can try to control the situation and or the other person by putting up a defense, not asking Yahweh to help us be patient and really listen to show the person we really care about the things that matter most deep at the core of their being because the whole time they are talking we are not really giving a chance to hear their heart because we are too focused on trying to fix them instead of just learning how to love them in the ways that make sense to them (their love languages).

Yahweh searches our hearts and can fill our deepest needs.

Just ask!

When we consider what Yahweh gives us to be great tools in the context they were meant for in fulfilling His purposes through our God given gifts, talents, and passions, then they are blessings flowing through us and over others in His work He gives us to do.

If we remove the tools out of context the lines can get blurry and deceptive.

Our hearts are deceitful above all else. Jeremiah 17

How is it that us as humans get side tracked from the convictions we know Yahweh originally tells us to take action and follow through and do them?

Do we think we are smarter than the One who knows all and sees all?

Trust=Faith Faith=Trust

Ask Yahweh today to reveal Himself to you.

Maybe we won’t be looking for His answer if we aren’t asking.

There’s nothing to fear when we TRUST in Yahweh with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding and in all our ways Yahweh will direct our paths. 1st person application Proverbs 3:5-6

The world’s deception says life is a race. I choose FAITH & TRUST Yahweh’s pace.





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