Besca💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 7! Happy Hormones!

Next Week Diet & Exercise Schedule Update!

Click here for this week’s workout! Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 7!

Finish with this full body cool down! Besca100FullBodyHiitPi!Workout7If your doctor approves I challange you to take your health from the inside out to the next level with me & commit to doing these workouts with me 3X a week & making fun 🌞 cardio days between!!

Happy Hormones!BrainIsSymphonyConductor!The brain is our Symphoney Conductor! It conducts all our neiropathways through the spine and controls all our organs! The following are ways to helps us remove interferance within the pathways for our nevres to be able to send clear signals all the way from our brains to every single Morgan in the body!Happy Hormones 2016!.jpgUse glass containers & bottles.

Better plastics are the ones with a little triangle usually on the bottom of the container that have either a 4, 5, 1, or 2 inside of the triangle.

Avoid plastics with a 3, 6, & 7 inside the triangle!

99% of breast tissue contained Parabens & Phthalates.

Stay away from perfume & deoderant!

Use natural homemade deodorant blend in a small jar coconut oil 40% & baking soda 60%.

Fat cells contain aromatase convert testosterone to estrogen. Elevated aromatase creates obesity. More fat cells is not good.

Not weightloss just bodyfat percent loss!

Low T is linked to prostate and more cancers and many negative effects. Women higher estrogen linked to breast and other cancers and many negative effects.

For Fatloss=Advanced Plan & HIIT

Hormone Repair: Take Action!

Anti inflammatory diet

Avoid toxins (switch to grass fed & non gmo quality clean protein meat, fish, eggs, & dairy)

Burst training (squats, burpees, and more! Also push yourself to heavier resistance!)

Good sleep

Get adjusted

Intermittent fasting 11am to 7pm 8 hour eat

Optimize Vit D3 levels

Magnesium levels

Try Max Fit (Ashwaganda helps body and adrenal glands handle the stresses. It adapts to our needs weather our body needs less or more it; it knows what to do.)

The Brain Spine Connection:

Brain grows first, then spinal cord and the nerves grow out through the spine in the womb! The spinal cord developes every system and regulates all systems throughout life! Controls all function and healing!

A non stressed nervous system looks like proper posture, not leaning forward head posture. (A hunched upper back and hyperextended lumbar lordosis?)

The nervous system misallingment warnings:

Headaches (thryroid interferance!)

Menstrual problems

High blood pressure


Insomnia (melatonin is released through the top of the spine-at the neck!)

Numbness/tingling (many year long standing nerve interference)

Low back pain

Neck pain



Acid reflux


Brain fog

Adrenal Glands:

Help our body adapt to stress.

They pump out stress hormones that can make you feel tired and wired.

Fight or Flight intelligent mechanism in the body.

Cortisol, blood pressure, heart rate, and degreased blood flow to the gut.

The bears in our everyday lives:


Family situations

Chronic disease

Can keep us in a fight or flight mode CHRONICALLY.

Healthy & Fit Adrenal Patter:

Wake up higher cortisol and naturally decreases to wind down for sleep!

Unhealthy Adrenal Sign Wake up low cortisol:

Need coffee enough energy to care about life.

Hard time winding down.

At 3 am cortisol wakes you up.

Which is adrenal burnout.

A viscious cycle.

With biggest cortisol spike at 3 am.

Stimulants perpetuate the problem.

Coffee in the afternoon can lead to adrenal burnout.


High quality muliti vitamin.

Omegas pure sources (non-farm raised fish, freshly ground flax, chia and hemp seeds)

Vitamin D3. (be in the sun when UVB rays are at their best in your location when the sun is at 50% horizon )

Adrenal support:

Maximized Metabolix=

Contains Rhodiola helps boost and repeair adrenal function.

Adrenal Calm:

Amino Acids and nutrients.

(Contains GABA?)

HPA Axis & The Stress Response (Subluxation/spinal cord nerve interference)

Whiplash injuries damage ligaments take a minimun 90 days to heal! Within days get adjusted after accident!

*Creates HPA Axis subluxation which can raise cortisol because of the nervous system not being able to communicate properly because of the subluxation!

Symptoms let us know to get something checked.

No sneezing equals no immune system working!

*Home rehab is important as lifestyle to heal ligaments and reduce subluxation!

Atlas misalignment:

Serotonin/your happy hormone controls the fight or flight response & regulates cortisol.

Creates pressure  & causes venus plexus pooling & leads to loss cervical lordosis due go pathological tension of the spinal cord/brain stem!

Ditch caffine!

Stimulants hijack hormones.

Adrenal hit and enegy surge.

Increase estrogen and cortisol levels.

*Try rewarding yourself with just a hot herbal tea! Try organic matcha green tea at Harvest Health Food Store!

* READ: Power of habit (book)

Caffine with raised cortisol

Caffine can make you fat and hold onto weight in the mid section because it elevates cortisol.

Sugar wrecks hormones!

25% decrease testosterone in men.

Binding globulin for sex drive hormones affected negatively!

*Increased insulin sensitivity=better hormone balance!

Eat good healthy fats

Cruciferous veggies

Organic eggs from pasture raised chickens


Pumpkin & sesame seeds in small amounts can really sustain and give energy!


Hormone Reboot Eating Plan

Remove Sugar, caffine, & rancid fats!

Optimal Omega suppliment has perfect ratio of omegas!

Vitamin D3 of at least 5000 IUS but absorption is key! Take probiotics with your vitamin D!

Thyroid Health:

T3 & T4 convert oxygen &

Too little thyroid hormone causes


Thinning hair

Dry skin

Unexplained weight gain

Puffy face


Muscle weakness

Synthetic T4…works

“Useless gland” creates abnormal cells and deficiencies.

The body is designed to heal.

Thyroid re-regulating is possible!

Correction cervical curve

Advanced plan


Optimal Omega

Estrogen Dominance protocol

Advanced plan!

Max T3!

(what else here?!)

Testosterone Protocol

Advanced plan

80-90% maximal heartrate 3 to 4xweek

Optimal omega, max fit, men’s multi

Get sleep 7+ hours

Ice baths proven to help re balance hormones

Finish hot showers with cold!

Adrenal Fatigue

Adjusted reg hpa axis starts with brain

No caffine 90 days

Advanced plan

Max living adrenal energy suppliment

Stress reduction! (manage stress! Enjoy life!)

30 Day Challange!

Aug 15

20# in 30days!

Follow advanced plan diet!

3XWk Max T3 workouts!

Workouts emailed to you daily!

Motivation videos emailed daily!

Assigned a challange liasion from RFC.


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  1. jacob revor says:

    Glad you could go to happy hormones. We were going to go to this but it was my birthday and we went to the beach instead. Thanks for taking notes and sharing as i did want to go to this

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    1. Glad you guys got to the 🌴 beach! Happy belated birthday and you’re welcome!


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