Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 5! Self Worth, Goals & Follow Through!

Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 5!

Full Body High Intensity Interval Training with a full body warm up followed by a full body cool down with deep breathing and Pilates like stretches for detoxifying and strengthening our abdominals getting 💯for our breathing eating and sleeping creative arts for our health from the inside out!

Round 1: 3 exercises optional weighted Reverse pyramid for hypertrophy & fat loss Ex1:10X Ex2:12X Ex3:15X

Round 2: 3 exercises 10Xea cardio plyos Repeat:1-3X based on activtivity level

Round 3: 7 exercises 10Xhold pilates stretching!

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Good Work!.jpg
Made by me inspired by my Creator’s Holy Spirit! Compliments of Cheyanne Russell’s Art Class!

Body image is important for health and confidence, but it isn’t our means to an end! For myself focusing on health has brought me confidence and the rest follows as our bodies adjust at the pace we give it love, attention, care, and grace!!!!!!! True beauty and self confidence comes for me when I finally learn and relearn over and over again to apply Yahweh’s word directly to me in my life, mind, heart, and spirit every moment of everyday like breathing!!!!!!!

One thing that helps me have grace with myself I recently started doing is write out the things I need to do on a list at night before bed or in the morning to clear my head! For following through at the same time also making dates to spend quality time with my loved ones!

Notes from Mario Tomic’s video titled “Do Cheat Meals Help You Burn More Fat?”

To breake through weightloss plateaus do refeed days! Leptin is a hormone that regulates how much fat we can burn! When losing body fat by doing a calorie deficit our hormone Leptin can get too low because our body fat is getting lower and our body fat is directly linked to our Leptin levels. Research has shown only 1 refeed day a week doesn’t restore the physiological benefits of Leptin levels! So Mario’s advice is that one cheat meal (not entire day) is good per week for deep psychological benefits. About 1 refeed day a week especially for women and especially if you don’t have much fat to lose! Depending on how long you’ve been dieting a whole cheat week to actually restore the Leptin levels back up in your body.
The science behind one of my favorite smart guy’s; Mario’s advice: Thanks for the links! High carbohydrates for cheat meals best for restoring leptin levels!

I like how Mario mentions in this video that he doesn’t need to try incorporating cheat meals because his diet is already flexible: A.K.A (also known as) Intermittent Fasting! I am going to try a whole foods based pancake pizza that Mario’s talking about in this video!!


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