Why does Intermittent Fasting work for me to gain muscle and reduce body fat? BESCA 💯 Full Body HiitPi! Workout 2

The following is an excellent example of why I feel intermittent fasting has worked so well for me to gain muscle and reduce body fat!

No amount of crunches or targeting certian areas during exercise will spot reduce body fat percent! Even Olympic strong men can have extremely strong cores with abdominal muscles that aren’t visible! We all can be working towrds a strong core with daily movements! As for visble abdominal muscles “Abs are made in the kitchen”!

“When done properly, a resistance training workout combines cardiovascular elements with movement skills. This gives you cardiovascular benefit, helps with endurance and provides you with long-term toning and weight loss success…and you don’t have to spend hours in a gym completing the workout.” https://bamboocorefitness.com/qa-why-is-resistance-training-important-for-long-term-weight-loss/

Info on HIIT and heartrate! http://www.precor.com/en-us/resources/how-customize-your-hiit-workout

For the forearm crab toe touches exhale out during the hip bridge. Very important tip for keeping or healing the pelvic floor for men and women for strong transverse abdominis muscles which aid in bladder control and are like the spanks of bodies natural ability to be toned from the inside because the transverse abdominis needs to engage with practically every limb movement! https://bamboocorefitness.com/the-transverse-abdominis-the-spanx-of-your-abdominal-muscles/

Also I do perform pull up and chin up on my pull up bar at home randomly throughout the day. I can do 3 full one each! And after the 3 rounds before my pilates like stretches I like to play around with heavier weights if I feel I need more strength training!

Please keep in mind you can modify the movements in the video to suite your fitness level!

When I first started following along with others who were making videos like these I was much slower and could only perform about 1.5 rounds of the exercise in the time they got through all 3 rounds!

What kept me coming back is these workouts give me more energy than typical cardio! Hang in there! Yahweh made our bodies smart to adapt quickly! In only a few weeks tou will be surprised at what you can do if you be consistant with doing. BESCA HiitPi! 3 days a week with 2 days in between doing some form of activity that gets you heart rate up can be fun or chores or make your chores fun!


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  1. The BESCA 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout videos will be shorter in duration and the warm up and pilates-like stretches will be one standard video you can replay after you perform the workouts! That way it takes less time to upload and get everyone motivated and inspired to have a great day to be energized!!


  2. Take care and have an awesome week! Get out and have some fun or just get stuff done on your days off in between the workout days! Let’s do it!


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