Besca 💯 Full Body HiitPi! Workout 3! What Are The 5 Essential Steps To Health?! The World of Toxicity, Fatloss, & Hormones! Diet Update & Enjoying Life!

Besca 💯Full Body HiitPi! Workout 3! FB_IMG_1468670433827

We all can listen to our bodies’ needs! If needed we have to freedom to choose a diferent lifestyle and that’s everyones personal choice! Happy choosing and enjoying life! Have an ahhmazing week! Enjoy the video! Ty it 3 times a week and see if you feel alive! Find out what workout style your body needs! Try all kinds of things like bicycling, jogging, jump rope, walking, finding a gym buddy! Until you find out what lifestyle is best for you! We’re all on our own personal journey with unique purpose and destinations!!!!!!!

What are the 5 essential steps to health?!

Everyone has areas we can improve! Life is an evolving transformation of living beings! These 5 essentials are inspired in my life personally through my experiences and by different sources that have influenced me in my journey to Breathing Eating and Sleeping Creative Arts for our ‘Besca Healthfromtheinsideoutâ„¢’! Including specifically here the Maximized Living International’s 5 Essentials for health!

Essential #1 Mindset! 

In order to have a clear vision of what health is we need to start with our mindset! Besca Healthfromtheinsideout™ is all about first getting our mindset right! What does a healthy mindset look like?! Lettuce find out! 😎

Maximized Living’s steps to maximized mindset:1) Understanding the importance of health and how the modern system is failing us.2) Understanding the additional stresses of life and how they show up in the forms of stress, anxiety, not enough sleep, mental health, and ever increasing prescription medications. 3) Understanding the importance of health builds the foundation for our maximized health on The 5 Essentials.

For me having the right mindset that builds the foundation to optimizing hormones and managing stress is learning how to get back to the things that make me feel alive! For me that’s studying the living word of Yahweh and having freedom to express it through all forms of arts like digital informational and friends and family photo collages, videos, paintings, and poetry!

Essential #2 Nerve Supply! 

Maximized Living’s steps to maximized nerve supply: finding a Maximized Living International doctor for adjustments. The spine is our life line! When there’s nerve interference from alignment that is off in different areas from the brain stem to the tailbone it causes all kinds of issues from vertigo to infertility! At the Maximized Living Grandville, MI location they’re having a Max Mom’s Class Thursday July 28! It will be great for anyone looking to learn more about natural mommy-hood for mom’s and babies health in their best interest!

For me maximized nerve supply from the adjustments are moving along great! My spine and neck are getting more in proper allignment; as I can see in my X ray updates and feel in my daily life!!! Specifically the biggest thing for me has been the homecare exercises, minimizing inflammatory non-foods like vegetable oil which is a HUGE factor doctors find first in patients after heart attacks on operating tables!, and discovering my back-hyper-extension issue. Now I can workout on a regular basis as I’ve been re-training my body to do everything using the strength from my hamstrings, glutes, and gut! The phrase I came up with to help me remember like the old saying goes ‘lift from your legs’“Use your butt to activate your gut!” ©2016 Besca healthfromtheinsideoutâ„¢ !

Essential #3 Quality Nutrients! 

Maximized Living’s steps to quality nutrition is built upon the right nutrional science sustains well-being, disease prevention and ideal weight. We are what we eat. Diets higher in grains (sprouted grains and grass fed unpasturized animal products all contain the enzymes needed to digest those foods!) and sugars, have pH or omega 3 imbalances or nutrient deficient can cause disease and negative lifestyle side-effects. Maximized living realizes all human beings are different and focus on helping us understand and solve our bodies’ specific nutritional needs. Maximized living is proud of all the people they help everyday in the vital step to health of moving closer towards improving their body composition and body fat to muscle ratio! Maximized Living offers nutritional assessments to help create a blueprint for each patient’s unique needs for energy and building a strong immune system! The assessments help us understand our nutritional baseline and use solid information-not fad diets as a plan for eating better and what suppliments we really do and don’t need!

All amino acids present at once can aid in preventing deficiencies and replenishing our amino acids which helps our neurotransmitters/hormones communicate with less interference!

For me maximized quality nutrition includes a lifestyle of intermittent fasting which has helped me reach and maintain my current healthier BMI for 1 year now as of July 2016! Finish eating 9pm and breakfast at 9am after a fasted workout which has amazing benefits for our hormones! I have never experienced a surge of energy to make more muscle gain; which is good because the more muscle we have the lower our body fat, disease and overall helath, for workouts like I get when I workout on a fasted system! With or without my lemon cayenne mineral water and or organic coffee or tea, even with just plain water the energy, once we get going and muscle tone is ahhmazing which we want because it will rev up our metabolsm and make us burn more calories at resting rate! It doesn’t make make me bulky! It’s actaully difficult to look bulky like Arnold! This type of lifestyle is great for quality nutrients because it helps us detoxify and cleanse from unhealthy foods or substances in our environments and ready our bodies to absord all we give it upon breaking the fast! I love to breakfast after workout with my Super Greens Fruit and Seeds Smoothies! No added sugar. Only naturally occuring sugar for post workout delivering nutrients when bidy needs it most within 2 hours after workout and nalanced protein and fats! For lunch I like to eat high raw moderate fats and proteins. For dinner I eat dishes I love and feel happy satisfied and full! Lots of veggies. Brown rice. Whole grain and or sprouted breads and pastas. For snack or dessert I enjoy homemade healthier options of muffins or coconut milk icecream with berries and chia or hemp seeds on everything is so great for keeping blood sugar stabilized!

Essential #4 Oxygen And Lean Muscle

Maximized Living’s steps to maximized oxygen and lean muscle facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time! Giving us no excuses to giving our bodies what it needs get and stay in the best and healthiest shape of our lives! Exercise helps our bodies take in more oxygen and create lean muscle keeping our bodies and minds healthy! Studies show that exercise matches and exceeds that of antidepressants and many other drugs for conditions! Maximizing oxygen and lean muscle helps our bodies decrease fat and increase muscle; boosting our bodies’ natural abilities to fight stress and illness from cancer and disease. Lack of exercise causes malfunctions that interfere. The right kind of training lowers bad hormones, increases good ones, boots immune functions, manage weight, and lowers body fat; all known to contribute to breast and other cancers! Their short, but fast paced exercise plan gives us more energy and stamina while improving our bodies ability to respond to mental, physical, or chemical stress! The 5 Essentials supercharge our abilities to win in all areas of life from stressors to competing against the world’s most elite athletes!

For me maximized oxygen and lean muscle includes working out on a fasted system, along with the kind of exercise that taps into our Human Growth Hormone which regulates our insulin, leptin and grehlin which all contribute to satiety and keeping our bodies working like a well oiled machine with all the right activators/neurotransmitters in the right place at the right time like High Intensity Interval Training (or Quick Sets as you see in the photo below courtesy of Maximized Living and Dr. Fred Roberto or the kind of workout videos I’m posting every monday to help keep you and me motivated and working out weekly!) are great for balancing hormones! (See HGH link above.) MaximizedLiving©Dr.FredRoberto,MaxT3

Essential #5 Mininized Toxins

Maximized Living’s steps to minimized toxins are The 5 Essentials that support the bodies ability to permanently remove toxins from cells! Ultimately these toxins inhibit us from functioning optimally threatening our daily health and reduce longevity! Maximized Living knows that optimal health is dependant upon resetting our bodies back to it’s natural balance; helping it detoxify itself is vital! Detoxification is our bodies first and last line of defense in keeping it from a long list of dangers that confront us daily!

“All The 5 Essentials drive detoxification in two important ways, helping the body remove toxins already present while also creating new lifestyle habits that reduce exposure and risk going forward.”

For me and my household we minimize toxins with the following!

Everyday we’re exposed to chemicals known as xenoestrogens found in our environment in plastics, food and food supply, water, air, pesticides and herbicides. Petrochemicals that disrupt our hormones causing a hormonal imbalance in males and females which causes our bodies to store belly fat?!

The belly fat burning cruciferous veggies contain certain phytonutrients known as IC3 that help stop estrogenic belly fat stimulating compounds.Cruciferous Veggies get their name from New Latin for “cross-bearing” because their flowers’ four petals resemble a cross. Examples: Cauliflower, Cabbages, Garden Cress, Bok Choy, Broccoli, and Brussel Sprouts.

This article explains where the xenoestrogens are found in our immediate environments! some highlights: currently our water isn’t tested for run off of hormone disrupting chemicals! And the cosmetic industry what you need to know to avoid!
What we use for sunscreen

From my doctors and staff at Maximized Living International, Grandville, MI!!!!!!!

Caffine & Macca For Fatloss & Hormones!

For an all around ahmazing naturally balancing hormone food check out macca root powder! This is what I take with black coffee that for me seems to change my response to the crash and dependency or withdrawals from caffine! Before I never understood why I didn’t get the headaches if I went a day or more without consuming tea or coffee now I think I know why is because macca naturally reduces the stress hormone cortisol which caffine and prolonged cardio can both signal our bodies to produce to hold onto belly fat as a survival method!

Preferably during my morning fasting after I sit and read my bible for a while enjoying my lemon ceyenne pepper mineral water through a staw then I check emails and enjoy my black organic coffee now without worries about concentration ect. ect. with ginger, macca, and food grade and a small amount of canned coconut milk. Then exercise and drink mineral water! Along with using this protocol during intermittent fasting it keeps me cleansed and balanced naturally which our bodies do on their own and any ways we can help our bodies get back to their balanced state naturally can help!  

This combo has been tried and true! Tested for a whole year this July and actaully I weigh a little less than what I did this time last year after breaking through the plateau!

My friends and family have also used this fasting protocol with unfailing success to get rid of sicknesses with the lemon ceyenne pepper mineral water followed by organic black coffee or tea with food grade diatomaceous earth for cleansing paraistes and toxins from the colon along with eating lots of garlic at meals and taking probiotics!


Diet Update & Enjoying Life!

Along with using coffee and macca powder I’ve also went back to pescitarian/vegetarian diet because it is more satisfying for me with my intermittent fasting lifestyle!

Breakfast I like specific ratio of protein carbs and fats in the smoothie without added sugar or oils, like my smoothie recipes! Much like the Ori Hoffmekler style of Intermittent Fasting that I’ve been following imperfectly for a long time now that broke my weightloss plateaus!

Lunch snack on fresh fruit and veggies. Depending on my activity level sometimes in the form of an ezekiel bread tuna sandwhich with pickles tomatoe and greens. Which is actaully what I had for dinner last night followed by a slice of cheesecake topped with stawberries, banana, unsweet chocolate chips and Stevia Whipped topping! This is the way I ate to get passed my weightloss plateau!

Posted on our Instagram my dinner and dessert last night! IMG_20160718_014753

Dinner almost always some fizzy water with lemon and or organic ACV with stevia vanilla drops and or some coconut milk and frozen berries and or herbs like a virgin mojito or kombucha!!! Depending on my activity level or just how I feel or how busy I am, I might eat only fruit and or nuts for lunch then eat what I might have had for lunch, for dinner instead! Dinner is my main meal where I incorporate my main “whole grain more processed foods” like pasta ect. Yes orgainc brown rice noodles with non gmo grass fed cheese with loads of brocolli please!!!!!

Last snack a few hours before bed I like to save my more processed carbohydrate treats because it helps me sleep ahmazingly, as it helps produce melatonin! I like muffins, oatmeal, desserts, or coconut milk icecream with chia seeds or hemp seeds and berries! Still lots of fruit and veggies just won’t have to feel like I’m eating non stop to get more calories and protein. Beans and grains don’t have as much protein so I feel full, but don’t feel like I had all the protein my muscles need for more training! Everyone’s different! For now this is where I’m at! Back to where I was happy and don’t have to stess about how much to eat when to eat ect ect. I can eat lots of fruits and veggies during the day which is great because it requires no cooking! Then dinner and dessert is like a whole nother world of ahmazingness when exercising and living a lifestyle of intermittent fasting! It’s not fpr everyone! It works for me and I love it!


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  1. Apologies for the late Monday email! Working on getting a better system for uploading the new workout videos! I may start performing and recording next week’s workout on Friday’s! So if you want to do the workouts 3xWeek just know I may be one workout ahead of you!


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