Stronger For Summer & Any Challange!

Stronger for Summer and any challenge!
Warm-ups and stretching are necessary and fun!  I will be picking whatever exercises I feel like from this list under “Compound Bodyweight & Weighted hiit” to get the best challanging workout for my fitness level; doing modified versions when neccessary! Compound Exercises have proven more results for strength and aesthetics. Mostly men might prefer to pick a few weighted compound exercises and get really good at them adding weight as you progress over about 20 weeks and you will be in shape! Most people might prefer to combine it with other hiit exercises at still challanging weight but not as heavy as max out for deadlifts and you can do that 3 days a week with at least 30 minutes of cardio on the alternating days for more health benefits of daily activity and if you feel your need for recovery keep to hiit only 3 days of the 5. I hope to get my fitness up to 5 days a week of hiit bodyweight and weighted compound exercises without needing a rest day in between saving rests for the weekends! Our muscles actually grow and recover during rest!

Stronger For Summer & Any Challange! The Greatest Way To Start Summer! Focusing On Our Health Can Make Us Menatally & Physically Fit To Handle All Challanges in Life Especially with the support from our loved ones around us who we know are there when we need to be there for eachother!

Get physically & mentally fit with me every week! Stay tuned for my first exercise video coming this Friday; when the new blogs will be posted!

I’m onto doing my own thing now and no longer using other people’s videos but we will be putting out a video once a week you can follow along with at home and hopefully inspire you guys to learn how to get in the best shape of your life at your own home in as little as 20 minutes a day! It’s not easy, but Yahweh made our bodies smart! Our bodies will start adapting! Week by week getting a little stronger and a little more stronger! Every week that goes by we will be a little more stronger and that turns into after the first month that goes by we are way stronger than we were the any months before!

Mental Health Benefits

“Going to the gym every day puts you in contact with people on a regular basis and will enhance your social life as well as the way that you feel about yourself. You may sleep better if you exercise each day; and more sleep means more energy and a more even mood. As you lose weight and get in shape, you will begin to look better. states that regular exercise helps treat depression. Taking the time to work out every day is doing something nice for yourself, which will make you feel calm and content.”

At some point I may get brave enough to try this one!

I’m not totally sure if I will commit to going to the gym everyday at this point, but one thing is for sure:

I’m committed to meeting the needs of my health; mentally, physically, spiritually, nutritionally, and emotionally,

and that includes committing to challange myself daily to stick to intermittent fasting, worshipping Yahweh in prayer and in His word because these activities He uses to guide me so my spirit is in tune with His Spirit and I’m not a guideless missel wandering around in my life without purpose.

I want Yahweh to use me for His purposes; working through me, my gifts, talents, and passions to love and inspire the people He places in my life!

Physically intentional about getting together with friends and family weather it invloves getting active or not (most likely it will invovle getting active and eating some good food! ;-D).

Even if I’m commited to the only the main exercise I get is a 20 minute High Intentensity Inverval Training and 10 minute of stretching on my own in the morning because it challenges me physically and mentally and gets me woke up and is so much easier to challange myself, but not to injury when I’m in a fasted state because of the Human Growth Hormone released during HIIT and Intermittent Fasting as well makes for ahhmazing results with muscle tone which as we all know burns more fat at resting  than eating the same amount of calories and not as much muscle growth there to use it if we ate more calories than our body needs. Muscle actaully weighs the same as fat it’s just that ten pounds of fat is not as condensed as ten pounds of muscle, therefore; much healthier!


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