We need eachother! & Cure To Muscle Recovery!

We Need Eachother!
This post is going to be short and sweet! Because I’ve discovered in order to get things done we need to draw closer to those we love and support around us. I believe it’s even more important to sometimes realize we need to take care of our basic fundamental needs for health from the inside oit and one of those is being with the people we love and care most about! Don’t let life slip us by and regret not spending the time we had with people we love even when there are deadlines!

Cure To Muscle Recovery!
Last week I went to the gym with a very special friend of mine and we did some weight machines! I didn’t realize how heavy that would feel later because it’s been a while since I’ve used any weight machines! My arms were so stiff! All week long I could hardly stretch them out fully without having to do it verrrry slowly! The first time I used bee pollen before bed on Friday evening when I did arms monday, I took couple tea spoons and chewed it with a drink of Kombucha just wow immedietly I could move them streight again with complete ease! I did it a few more times for good measure just in case it would help even more because I needed it!!!!!!!


have to try this for recovery! The next day I woke up and still the ease was there! I’m continually amazed with how God made our bodies so smart and that if we give them what it needs it will use what we already have there to take care of ourselves! Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Have an amazing week!  Work hard and eat good! Spend time with loved ones and take nothing for granted! Love and prayers for everyone’s week!


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