Hi! Sending out an S.O.S?!

I have a confession to make I’m starting another challange this time 21 days going off this guy’s experiment with himself for 21 days of early mornings wake up at 4:30am every weekday!…….

I’m just going to go for it and share here because like Filipe said sharing it with an online community is a way to provide accountability for myself!

Another thing I’d like to share with you guys is because I feel I’ve been trying to force my body to do things it’s not ready to do. So I’m doing this 21 day 4:30am challange but this time NOT trying to make my body do something it’s NOT READY FOR!

I’m going to stick with what my body says feels right at this time for the next 21 days and thereafter just like with the 30 Day challange I was able to see wheather the things I was doing was working for me!

So bunny slope with Zuzka in her affordable online gym that I love because she keeps me from getting bored with all her different workout series at and 70% carbs in their whole state at least during the day and mostly raw Greens Fruits & Seeds! Until dinner time. Then I’ll incorporate small amount of added oil to potatoes for example or vegan tacos with rice beans and avocados! And my nightly treats for dessert as usual & I love that I have something as a guide to follow of not more than 3.33 tablespoons a day if added sugar for optimal body functioning health given by the World Health Organization!  And I no longer consume as much fats as I used to naturally the daily percentage of fats goes down when increase my carbohydrates which makes my gut not ache which I used to feel a lot when I used to eat not enough easy digesting carbohydrates from fruit ect.

So this for the next 21 days starting tomorow! Wednesday May 4, 2016!

I can’t wait to see how I’m feeling by then thereafter!

Someday with momentum and consistency keep building upon these small goals I will reach my destination, but no need to rush! Just enjoying the journey!

How about you?! Do you feel you’ve been resisting something the way your body says isn’t right for it at the moment?! What we resist persists…

Sincerest Love & Prayers
for a blessed and ahhmazing week!

Honor credit and glory
to the One True King YHWH

for the breath to
and the life to
and the mind to

B.reathe S.leep C.reative A.rts                                   for our
health from the inside out


Alicia Mulder


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