Dehydration & Exercise Science



I had to share this recipe is soo good!!!!!



This one my other variety I like to have beside the orange pineapple one!

Also previously I shared about our bodies neccessity for amino acids in order to function optimally


If you’ve not heard about Moringa it’s an amazing plant higher in vitamin C than oranges and higher in Calcium than milk!!!

I just started taking Enzymedica Gold Plus Probiotics again because my digestion was lacking, but now that I’ve invested time into creating healthy habbits of smoothies and mostly only raw foods for breakfast and lunch and saving my organic more processed foods for dinner and post dinner snacks as only 25% of my diet I know that helps tremendously in keeping the proper good to bad gut bacteria ratio because too many proccessed sugars can mess up our digestion because it creates over fermentaion also known as Candida overgrowth which is a necessary bacteria in a small amount required by the body as it helps our bodies decompose when our bodies pass away. Added sugars best kept according to the World Health Organization 3.33 tablespoons or 38 grams or 9.5 teaspoons a day. As well as too much protein throws that ratio out of balance because it can cause rotting in the gut. Also talked about in The video below summary at The end. The World Health Organization reccommends an average of 56 grams per day for male’s and 46 grams per day for females…



These charts taken directly from the source

The last photo above can be used to compare all the human needs of each amino acid to bee pollen!
The complete spectrum of amino acids present in bee pollen are:
Cysteine – 3.4 mg per gram – deactivate free radicals and neutralize toxins
Alanine – 12.3 mg per gram – strengthens the immune system by producing antibodies
Valine – 12.1 mg per gram – essential amino acid that helps calm emotions
Leucine – 16.1 mg per gram – essential amino acid that increases alertness
Iso Leucine – 10.5 mg per gram – essential amino acid
Histidine – 5 mg per gram – essential for tissue growth and repair
Phenylalanine – 10 mg per gram – antidepressant, improves memory and reduces hunger
Serine – 12.4 mg per gram – strengthen the immune system by providing antibodies
Threonine – 10.1 mg per gram – assists metabolism and assimilation
Lysine – 10.7 mg per gram – enhances absorption of calcium
Methionine – 5.7 mg per gram – reduces withdrawal symptoms and depression
Arginine – 8 mg per gram – promotes regeneration of the liver
Aspartic acid – 22.8 mg per gram – aids in the expulsion of harmful ammonia from the body
Tyrosine – 7.6 mg per gram – helps with depression and fatigue
Glutamic acid 23.7 mg per gram – helps to decrease the craving for alcohol
Proline – 21.8 mg per gram – helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles
Glycine – 10.3 mg per gram – helps make hormones responsible for a strong immune system
Tryptophan – 2 mg per gram – anti-anxiety and anti-depressant

Your weekly Breathe Eat Sleep Creative Arts health from the inside out

I previously shared & learned from Dr. Rudy and Jeanie Davis about how dehydration actually causes our bodies to hang on to too mucus. In their video about how to avoid tunnel eating on YouTube as well as in the video they discuss how consuming more raw foods will cut that level of mucus way down! Mucus is neccessary, but nobody wants excess mucus in their body!

The following are 5 things I learned
“5 tips to avoiding a sedentary athlete syndrome”

Let’s get back to the basics of before basic exercise science!!!

1. Move each day! Find a coutertop to use as a work station at your computer instead of a desk! And take breaks to do push ups or squats!
2. Cycle or walk to work, walk to the farther his stop, park farther away!
3. Turn your social activities into group physical activities! Like tennis, frisbee golf and dancing!
4. Do chores manually! Use a push mower and a manual vaccum! Put away the electrical appliaces!
5. Commute without your vehicle! Combine all different types of commuting together to get where you need to be so you can get some more movement into your day!


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