Finally acheiving 7 goalz 30 day challange are habbits! + Am I going backwards in my current exercise regimen?


If you read my push goalz post you will see the process that went into creating my 7 goalz 30 day challange!
Which then turned into a white board in my hallway and now into a digital list on my phone! I’m happy to report that I’m done reporting on my 7 goalz 30 day challange! Took me long enough! Praise God I’m finally in the habbit of doing them! This week wasn’t perfect. I did do all the items on my list but no where near the intended order. Great!!! Now I know what I need to do! Thank you for joining this journey with me! Sticking to a schedule isn’t something I was brought up with! God has helped me. Thank God my flesh was weak but His Spirit in me was willing! Praise Him!!!

Weekly Bescahealthfromtheinsideout
This week I learned about chronic disease, injuries and the National Academy Sports Medicine’s Optimal Performance Training model.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that chronic diseases were responsible for 5 of the 6 leading causes of death in the United States in 2006 and of these deaths 80% could have been prevented with healthy lifestyle.

Chronic diseases
Obesity-Body Mass Index of 30 or greater & at least 30 pounds over the recommended weight for height
Overweight-BMI of 25-29.9 & at 25-30 pounds over reccomended weight for height.
Cholesterol is directly involved with cardiovascular disease and obesity-Blood lipids and tryglycerides carried in the Blood stream by protein molecules known as HDL-good cholesterol & LDL-bad cholesterol; high and low density lipoproteins. Healthy cholesterol is less than 200 mg/dL, boderline is 200-239 mg/dL, and high risk is more than 240mg/dL.
Diabetes Mellitus-Nearly 23 million Americans affected by this chronic metabolic disorder caused by insulin deficiency impairing carbohydrate use and increases usage of protein and fat. The blood glucose/sugar is unable to enter the cells because the pancreas is unable to produce insulin or the cells have become insulin resistant.
Type 1 diabetes known as juvenile diabetes because typically fisrt appears in childhood is the result of pancreas not producing insulin. When blood sugar isn’t effectively delivered into the cells it results in high blood sugar within the entire body.
Type 2 diabetes asscoiated with obesity especially abdominal obesity accounts for 90-95% of all diabetes.
People with type 2 diabetes usually produce enough insulin just their cells are resistant and don’t allow insulin to bring  enough blood sugar (glucose) into their cells. Which means that person then has high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. If not properly managed diabetes can lead to nerve damage, vision loss, kidney damage, sexual dysfunction, and decreased immune function.

Low back pain-cause of musculoskeletal degeneration affecting almost 80% of all adults. Affecting workers in enclosed spaces, manual labor, people who sit more than 3 hours at a time and people who have altered lumbar lordosis aka curve in the lumbar spine.
Knee injuries-Estimated 80,000 to 100,000 anterior cruciate ligament-ACL injuries occur every year in the U.S.
Most ACL injuries occur between age 15-25. This can happen when activity level in young people is less these days with more technology than before.
Musculoskeletal injuries-2003 muskuloskeletal symptoms were the number 2 reason for doctor visits. 31 million visits for low back problems. About 19 million for knee injuries 2003. 14 million for shoulder problems. 11 million for ankle problems. Unnatural posture results in increased neck, back, shoulder and leg pain. From work related injuries over 40% of sprains-injured ligaments and strains-injured tendons/muscles. Over one third involve the back and over 60% Low back. About $120 billion lost due to musculoskeletal injuries.

Am I going backwards in my current exercise regimen?!

I signed up for an online gym to stick to workout routine but knew I needed to go back to phase 1 in the following information!

National Academy Sports Medicine’s Optimal Performance Training method

Previous years people signed up with personal trainers because they were athletes. Now people are signing up to create programs that address their goals, needs & abilities; safely & systematically creating a program that helps them live in daily quality of life.

The National Academy Sports Medicine Optimum Performance Training model is 3 levels split into 5 phases aimed to get any client to any goal.

The 1st level with 1 phase is-stabilization endurance training level-muscular endurance & neuromuscular efficiency/coordination goals:
Improve muscular endurance
Enhance joint stability
Increase flexibility
Enhance control of posture
Improve neuromuscular efficiency (balance, stabilization, muscular coordination)
Training Strategies:
Training in unstable, yet controllable environments (proprioceptively enriched) environments (challanges intenal balance & stabilization mechanisms of the body)
Low load, high repetions.
knee push up followed by an exercise of similar joint dynamics like a stability ball push up on the knees. Progressing in this manner provides more activation from the nervous system and stabilizing muscles from shoulders and trunk to maintain optimal posture while performing the exercise!!!

The 2nd level with phase 2 is the strength level-strength endurance training-after successful completion of the stabilization endurance training level goals:
Improve stabilization and increase prime mover strength
Improve overallwork capacity
Enhance joint stability
Increase lean body mass
Training strategies:
Moderate loads and repetitions
Superset(back to back-without rests between): One traditional strength training exercise and one stabilization exercise per body part in the resistance training portion of the program.
Shoulder press (traditional stabilized strength exercise) on machine followed by a (less stable yet controlled) stabilization exercise of similar joint dynamics such as single leg dumbbell press.

Within the 2nd level comes phase 3hypertrophy training-is OPTIONAL depending on goals (designed for individuals who have the goal of maximal muscle growth (such as bodybuilders)):
Achieve optimal levels of muscular hypertrophy (increase muscle size).

Training Strategies:
High volume, moderate to high loads, moderate or low repetitions.

Within the second level comes phase 4- maximal strength-is OPTIONAL depending on goals (works toward the goal of maximal prime mover strength by lifting heavy loads):
Increase motor unit recruitment
Increase frequency of motor unit recruitment
Improve peak force

Training Strategies:
High loads, low repetitions, longer rest periods.

The 5th level with 1 phase is-power training level-after successful completion of the stabilization endurance training level & the strength endurance training level goals:
Enhance neuromuscular efficiency
Enhance prime mover strength
Increase rate of force production

Training Strategies:
Superset: one strength and one power exercise per body part in the resistance training portion of the program.
Perform all power exercises as fast as can be controlled.

Barbell squat (traditional stabilized strength exercise) followed by a (light load as fast as possible) power exercise of similar joint dynamics such as a squat jump.

Notes from
“What causes diabetes and more” by Dr. Reisenberger for Amazing Discoveries
The oldest clinical trial in history took place on the plains of Dura in the kingdom of Babylon
Daniel chapter 1. The control subjects are vast majorieties of the Israelites who bowed the knees and surrendered their faith. All but Daniel and his Three friends vs. the other young students in the King’s court were the only 4 that didn’t compromise.
The cream of the captives were given the priceless of eating the king’s meats and wine.
Daniel knew to create results we need a wide difference to prove scientific control results.
He could have said give me only the clean meats but he did not and that’s significant.
They drank water and are plant foods.
Genesis 1:29 and Genesis 3:18
God’s perfect healthy life plan for all His creation.
Ten days was given to Daniel and his 3 friends put his neck on the line but he was so confident that he out their heads on the line but they looked so good that David spent his 3 years during his career at the “university” of Babylon eating a vegan plant based diet and drinking water.
After 3 years Nebuchadnezzar found Daniel and his 3 friends wiser and smarter in wisdom and understanding than all the others even the wise men and the magicians.
This diet has recently used for diabetes!
Neil Barnard, chairman on the physician’s committee of responsible medicine found in a head to head 22 week study ADA (gold standard American Diet Association diet for all diabetics to be on) vs Vegan diet 50 patients on each arm implemented these programs into their home. Food was NOT provided-they had to learn to make it at home:
43% vegan vs 26% ADA reduced medication
Vegan lost 14 lbs in 22 weeks=1/2lb/week
Vs the ADA group lost only a little over 6lbs
LDL cholesterol dropped 21% in vegan vs 11% in ADA
Better glycolic control in vegan group
No limits on carbs calories or portion sizes!
This group dropped their risk of Mi heart attack by over 60% when their LDL CHOLESTEROL DROPPED BY 21% and that is huge because the leading cause of death in diabetics is Mi heart attack.

Any high fibre food eat before eat the other stuff loose 20 lbs in 5 months by just doing this like high fiber whole plant food like an Apple. Some call this the Apple diet. But can replace with an orange ect.

The secret to the sumo wakes up very early first thing is skip every breakfast. Eats big lunch then sleeps. Then eat HUGE dinners the go back to sleep.
Lose weight by eating breakfast use those calories for that metabolic curve. Best meal to skip is dinner.
Do opposite of Sumo

Old wives tale: Chew your food 30 times…?
1 wait 30 sec before each bite eat as much as you want but there’s an area in Your hypothalmus that if you chew it directly stimulates that area of the hypothalmus! Be satisfied eating less.

Atkins diet what gave him the idea and use his principles. Calorie is calorie is not true.
Atkins look up the thermic affect of food.
Take a surplus of calories.
What is the surplus of calories?
It matters.
Say we eat 100 extra calories of fat is just a pay of butter. 1 tablespoon of oil is about 140 calories. It’s not hard for body to convert fat to fat so it costs only 3 calories leaving 97 calories straight to spare tire. Extra 100 calories of carbohydrates harder to get a slice of bread has to create a long carbon chain costs 21 calories. 100 calories of protein is a half cup of beans excess protein costs 31 cals so leaves us with 69.
In order body to run beta oxidation create acids called key tones they are creating temporary diabetes burns fat like no tomorrow but putting body tremendous strain they work at a high price. Plant fats like (monounsaturated) avocado fat discourage abdominal deposition. Animal fats (saturated) encorage abdominal fat. it’s the fat in the waist that creates disease. Macadamia nuts have not one but Two shells! The good Lord gave us the nut with the highest fat content 2 shells!
If we had to shell every nut we’d eat the right amount of fats. Oil is not a whole food. Oil and sugar are refined foods. God gave us the best plan for living forever.


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