My transformation rollercoaster has finally come to a nice stroll in the park!

First: How I did on my 7 goalz 30 day challange for the week of 4.3.16-4.9.16. – Which I can’t wait to be done reporting on because that means my goals that I set up for this 30 day challange will shape my year!

Second: Weekly breathe eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out- in the future I may save video notes for a separate post!

Third: My transformation rollercoaster has finally come to a nice stroll in the park!- with pictures I’m sharing!

wake up everyday between 5-7am-

T F because the weekend of finishing up stuff ran into the thing I almost had done which was this blog ready to be published by Monday morning! As usual I had to figure out some things because I’m just learning how I need to be logging this so it actaully helps me do what I need it to; sticking to my goalz so I met reach and exceed them! At this point everything is set up now and flowing easily to the point where I record all week long that way the post is simple to get post Monday morning.

Water distilled 24 fluid ounces daily with lemon a pinch or real salt for the electrolytes and a pinch of ceyenne pepper- yes it gave me great metabolism boost all week long

tea- everyday except Su Tu F & S Interesting thing I’m noticing is that since being more intentional to hit higher and or more specific daily amount of calories and protein regardless of tea or no tea just the lemon water kept me actaully not even wanting to breakfast til 12 hours past since my last before bed snack!

listen to bible- W T F 2 chapters a day Old Testament 1 a day in New 3 verses from Proverbs and 1 chapter of Psalm

pray my hubby out the door- yes except for Monday because I was sleeping!

music- yes

chiropractic home care core abdominal and muscle specific exercises before workout & housekeeping after finish my tea and turn on music– S M T before bed all other days

house cleaning after core exercises and before workout- did this at the right times on the days I stuck to schedule regardless of what time woke up!

glute activation exercises like hip bridges and leg raise variations in posterior position for preventing back injury- yes W before workout!

exercise & macronutrients-
total calories and Macronutrient ratios by % in carb fat and protein breakdown below: Weekly Total Aim 11,900 k cal.

I’m going to start using seeds and nuts in place of protein powder because doctors today, like my international Maximized Living Chiropractic doctor  that my cousin’s recently reminded me of this at their vegan cooking class on Tuesday-56 grams a day for men and 46 grams a day for women. I also learned at their class that no more than 38 grams (Diane Burnett says 6 teaspoons preventing rotting food in intestine) of added sugar not include fruit sugar is the max best recommended daily amount-so like in jam & plant milk (check out their blog post about this important macronutrient called protein) are reporting that our bodies can only absorb 15 grams of protein per meal!
Of all nuts and seeds hemp is my favorite seed for omegas in proper ratio and even prepfer them over pumpkin seeds because they are soft. They are a complete protein! They contain all 20 amino acids including the 9 “essential” (meaning our bodies can’t produce them-so we need them from our food; farmers are familiar with that!) amino acids or 3 tablespoons each seed hemp has 40 more calories than pumpkin per 3 tablespoons pumkin only 4.5 grams per 3 tablespoons and hemp at 10 grams. Pumpkin has 3.85 mg of zinc per 2 tablespoons and hemp seeds have 3.5 mg per 3 tablespoons.

Lower protein & Lower calorie diets have protective benefits against cancer!

ready for day- didn’t do great this week!

smoothies with fruit greens nuts seeds plant milk organic vinegar as a prebiotic- W Sat


This lunch smoothie contains 16.3grams of protein!
The 2 cups grapefruit is mid afternoon snack & has 3.5 grams protein!
Dinner 21 grams protein but really only needed 15 grams for this meal but was aiming for more calories. We usually top eice and beans and veggies with things like salsa avocado and tortilla chips!
My “smore snak” has 6.1 grams protein which is ok since I like unwinding with a higher carb lower protein snack a couple hours before bed. Protein makes us alert. It’s not a bad idea to save treats as least meal. I find it very good for producing melatonin! My sleep is so good when I stick to lower glycemic moderate protein and high fibre lunch and dinner then my healthier treat I save up some calories for as if I felt deprived this lifestyle wouldn’t work for me!

1 training day to be a refeed day a week of about 1900 calories-rest
F 1973 6 28 10

All other training days are at about 1700 calories-
M 1552 62 30 8-rest
T  1633 51 37 12-rest
W 1767 59 28 13-15hiit
T 1678 64 25 12-rest

While rest days are at about 1600 calories-
Sunday April 3-1187 45 42 13-rest
Saturday April 9-1681 58 31 11-rest

With intermittent fasting you can get away with eating higher calories one day and lower the next really just the number aiming for per week is what matters. I learned the hard way not to let sleepyness win on a training days just eat so my muscles recover and it doesn’t interfere with my goal of getting a strong core for preventing back injury.
Before any exercise our bodies need 1200 calories to support properly functioning organs & good metabolism.

I’m not a scientist or a doctor but my common sense says if you have that energy or calories for that stored in your body as extra weight then I would think our bodies know what to do.

Doctors and organizations alike are now reccomending other intermittent fasting diets like 5 & 2 where you eat normal 5 days and 2 days 500 calories dense nutritious foods and the eat a day skip a day diet as in eat regualr calories one day and none the next all week.

bible word studies painting collages song- word studies yes collages family

lunch high fibre whole food- favoite has been oranges!

look up recipes & cook dinner rice beans bulgar quinoa- God takes care of us, but it’s still my goal to do this thankw to my cousin Sarah and her salads I now know how to make it tastey with minimal cooking!

Promise yourself and important people in your life that your going to surpass all your push goals in 12 months from now!


This is the accountability challange my husband and I made to eachother with 3  joint push goalz for building a strong marriage through the goggles of “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Egerichs and “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman

Review on date nights & rate each 1-5:

Affirmations first!
The 3 goalz we feel we accomplished together in 2015:
1.) Alicia feels loved in her language of “words of affirmation” by Curtis when he shows he’s thinking of her throughout his day.-
2.) Curtis feels respected in his language of “acts of service” by Alicia when her dress reflects her inner beauty.-
3.) We both fell loved and repsected in our language of “quality time” when we spend time together.-

Our joint 3 push goalz we want to accomplish together 2016:
1.) Alicia feels loved in her language of “words of affirmation” by Curtis when he seeks to genuinely get to know her by first giving compliments and listening to focus his mind on the positive he sees in her and save his opinions for the right time.-
2.) Curtis feels respected in his language of “acts of service” by Alicia when we work together as a team to make budget and save money.-
3.) We both feel loved and respected in our language of “quality time” when we communicate as a team with nightly devotions without phones passed 9pm and in bed by 10pm.-

Here’s your weekly breathe eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out!

I just learned about why doctors recommend not eating peanut butter is because of the mold fungi on them called apergillus which causes cancer! Diane Burnett says best way to avoid that is to wash organic peanuts and cashews with distilled water for the peanuts roast in oven and blend in your food processor for peanut butter but almond butter is better but eating the almonds as is is best because fat start oxidizing as soon as starting to not be the original package God made it in. When fats oxidize they cause cancer if one unrepaired cell gets through then you have cancer cells able to divide & multiply. Blackberries have b17 known as Leatril which they know kills cancer cells! High cerciferous veggies studies show prevent and help git rid of breast cervical and prostate cancer! In women studies show that the cerciferous veggies can turn bad estrogens into good ones!
No wonder why I am the healthiest I’ve ever felt! Daily intermittent fasting is good for our health!image

The info above on cancer and the image above is from Diane Burnett for Amazing Discoveries in this YouTube video

Two handfulls of nuts gives you the same health benefits that jogging 2 to 4 hours a week does! Do we want to be considered “normal” by America’s standards with all the health issues that are common?

A link to all things intermittent fasting research from American Journal Clinical Nutrition research website!

Screenshots & Notes from What I learned from The 5 principals of good digestion from

“332 – How to Avoid Tunnel Eating / Healthy from the Inside Out – Rudy and Jeanie Davis” on YouTube.!

1.) Do not drink liquids with meals

Carbohydrate digestion starts in our moths with the 3 different pairs of salivary glands! This image has a carrot fully chewed in the mouth to display how the mucas works to mix with the food starting in our mouths for the best absorption of nutrients we need our bodies to exrtract from that food!

Parastaltis is the muscle action (that works agaiimage

nst gravity!) that contracts to squeeze the food all the way through the entire digestive sytem- the tunnel– starts with the mouth to the esophegus- into the stomach- into the small intestine- into the large intestine.
When we chew food and swallow it is the food in our body?
It’s in the tunnel.
If that food moves through the tunnel all the way out the other end it does is no good.
We can put the best nutrition into our body but we need to make sure the food we eat makes it through the wall’s of the tunnel into the tissue!
@12:34 watch the Parastaltic action in the video!

To avoid working against Parastaltic action prop yourself upimage

if you need to nap.

The stomach is ONLY for digesting pimage

rotein & thats why we have such strong stomach-acid’!

Gall bladder is another word for bile bladder-for storing bile!
The purpose of gall bladder is to emulsify fats!

We need the strong stomach acids to start uncoil proteins!

That’s why taking 2 tablespoons of lemon juice not from concentrate will find just in 5 minutes or so you’ll find that food digesting for you!

A lot of Amazing Discoveries patients have too little stomach acid-they actaully don’t have enough! You need enough to close the muscle sphincter that closes to not allow acid to burn the esophegus!

How much saliva do you think our body has to produce to digest the food at each part
The stomach- 2.5 liters!
The bile gall bladder produced by the liver- 2 cups!
Pancreatic juice- 3 cups!
Intestinal secretions- 3 liters!
Almost 7 liters of juices being produced along with our saliva almost 2 gallons of digestive juices a day to aid in digesting and absorbing the nutrients out of our foods!
With Victoria Butanco studied a person & found that all raw food (rich in enzymes) for just 2 months reduced gastric secretions went from almost 2.5 Liters to one cup & now the person has freed up energy within their body that can now go into healing because its not having to work to create so muimage

ch secretions to digest and absord all our nutrients from the food we eat!

Just increase your raw foods and haimage

ve more energy!!!
Receive enzymes…
Receive energy!!!!!!!

The PH of our saliva is 6.8 which is perfect for digesting carbohydrates but carbohydrate digestion ceases in the stomach because PH of The stomach is too acidic for carbohydrate digestion to take place. The healthful fatty oil in the carrot is going to separate from and form a layer on top. The fats are not digested in the stomach-it’s just going to sit there because the stomach is for protein digestion, but the stomach cannot do this work if it’s overfilled!
If your stomach is too full it cannot properly digest It’s food.

2.) Do not overeat

It’s a common sin to overfil our stomach. By doing do we shorten our life. Eating 2 meals a day with a total 18 hour fast has shown for that it prolongs lifespan and overtaxing our stomach has shown to shorten lifespan!
In the similiar way people know your fist roughly gives us the size of our heart; there is a formula that helps us know the size of our stomach because we’re all different sizes so we know how much is overeating becimage

ause eating styles are cultural and our culture has led us to be unsure of knowing when we are full.

Width times Width times Length gives us the volume our stomachs can hold at a time in cubic centimeters.
The height is calculated at the same as the width.

First measure the width across widest part of the palm in centimeters.
Then the length where the wrist band’s to the base of where the middle finger starts.
1 cubic centimeter=.001 of a liter
Multiply times .001
=the volume 250 millimeters=1 Cup

Eat 2/3 of that.

Salads are fluffy! Envision your food in a completely all chewed or blended up state at mealtime because we have to remember how much gastric juices our stomach needs room for as well to digest the food, but gastric juices will be much less with a lot more raw foods! Otherwise be preparee to allow up to 2.5 liters with meals.

3.) Have regular meal times with no snacking

Regularity in eating is important for health of body and serenity of mind.

Grazing and snacking is not how our body is designed to operate-that’s working against good health.

If you’re truely hungry try water first because thirst can manifest as hunger signal.

If your body is still hungry and you want to increase nutrition in your body-concentrate them without having to digest it-juice fresh veggies 90% of those nutrients going to absorb into your cells within 20 minutes!

4.) Watch our food combinations

Hyper acidity occurs when we eat fruits and vegetables at the same time resulting in impurity of the blood and mind is not clear because digestion is upset. Every organ of the body must be treated with respect. In the matter of diet we must reason with cause and effect. (Counsel’s on Diet & Food by Ellen White)

Avocado and tomatoes are neutral can be eaten with sweet or savory. Melons only first thing in the day on empty stomach.

Cow milk is high fat fluid designed to quickly turn a baby cow into a 400lb cow. We would want to know where breast milk came from if we needed it for a growig baby. If it was from a bunch of dirty cows all mixed together would we drink it? Animals after weened natures says we don’t need milk.

For milk take any nut and or seed we want take whatever kind of seeds and or nuts blend it with water. More water less nuts more watery or more nuts less water gives thicker milk. Add a little vanilla bean raisins cinnamon ginger datimage

es and or honey!

Now that the food has mixed well with the gastric juices in our stomach It’s getting ready to carry on It’s process into image

the small intestine.

This is where the bile gets put in and the pacreatic juices which are very alkailine at almost a 9 as well as the bile picks the PH back up from the stomach acid to continue digesting the carbohydrates and the fats get emulsified to prevent the molecules from sticking back together so the body can transport them to the tissues for use. Ahhhmazing how smart God made our bodies!
The gall bladder putting it’s bile in now we call it ‘chyme’
And It’s going to start it’s movement through the small intestine and this is where all the nutrition is absorbed into the tissue if we properly prepared it in the mouth and allowed proper process in the stomach without snacking between meals and diluting the digestive juices by drinking water at meals now those nutrients can actually start to be absorbed!!!!!!! This is inside the small intestine look at all the tiny villa!!!




This is why fiber so important!
This is known as the transit system and transit time is supposed to be 12-24 hours because
Auto intoxication is self poisoning and the toxins are reabsorbed into the body…very very important for transit time to be 12-24 hours and not shorter or long than that!

5.) Let your digestive tract rest

How to know your transit time:
Sesame seeds first thing breakfast time it check the last time that you see seeds that’s how long your transit time is. Corn ext. slightly laxative so not provide better reading of transit time.

Of our digestive tract isn’t working well

Cleanse stomach options:
Empty only!
First thing in the morning 2 tablespoons lemon juice in water and can do that for the rest of your life!
Drink 1-2 sips plain hot water every 5-10 minutes over the coarse of he morning for 3-4 hours.
Have 1 day a week to fast for your sytem to rest.

In many cases of sickness allow the overworked organs of digestion.

Even if it’s jist little but it’s still constantly working never having a break.

Our stomach is muscle.

Gastritis can arise out of digestion never having a rest.

It’s very important that our stomach be empty before we eat to allow our meals to fully digest.

Many don’t realize why we eat is to because it needs nutrition.

When don’t understand that When the body is signaling hunger it’s actually signally we need nutrients and glucose.

This culture has been taught it’s just a bag that needs to be filled when it gets empty.

If eat at 8 am don’t put another meal in until 1pm

If it’s a fruit meal it takes 3 hours to digest so wait 4 hours before next meal to allow stomach to rest.

It’s it’s vegetable based meal it takes 4 hours to digest so wait 5 hours before next meal.

From Dr. John Harvey From Battlecreek a medical doctor from Michigan who had a large sanitarium around 1900 says the body is getting rid of when the meal is proccessed through
If your body is signaling you need to eliminate think about the poisons in you needing to be released instead of not using the restroom for whatever reason.



This is a prolapsed permanently damaged colon from a colon hydrotherapy patient of Jeanie Davis’.
She couldn’t go to the bathroom on her own and now can go at least once a day, but will never be able to ideally go 2 or 3 times a day.
This is mega colon. Poor guy. I don’t know if I’ll ever think the same about beer bellies. They might just need a colon hydrotherapy session. This man had a very mall space inside all hat colon the body was still working to remove even up until the surgery. Unfortunately he did not survive. His body was too toxic.

Allow system to rest.
Do thinks to cleanse the stomach.

This is what happens in our bowel when we have healthy funtion:
When we eating and putting really good foods into our bodies we have something called Lactoperoxidase a protein enzyme that damages unhealthful bacteria. This enzyme is blasting a hole through the outer layer of that bacteria. Globulin proteins prevent the unhealthful bacteria from being able to attach to the walls of the colon. Lactoferin traps iron and blocks it’s use from unhealthy bacteria. Unhealthy bacteria feed off iron!

With unhealthy diet we will have yeast overgrowth and intestinal wall’s start to deteriorite. Toxins and parasites taking place.

Consume water vegetable & fruit juices=1oz for every 2lb of body weight

Exercise at least minimum half an hour 6 days a week! Our health suffers from inactivity!

Increase the dietary amount of fibre!
Can take organic wheat bran unprocessed to move things through.

Allow adequate times between meals

Make sure that meals aren’t too large or too small. Stomach cannot properly digest food when overfull. Parastaltic wave fizzles out somewhere along the route when we eat just a snack results with a slow metabolism! The Parastaltic wave is very important because it keeps the food from previous meals moving through!!! Example: at breakfast a nice good meal not too large or too small moves down into the stomach & Parastaltic wave carried along the digestive tract and somewhere in the small intestine was our meal from supper the night before or lunch the previous day; somewhere that meal was sitting in the small intestine and that wave came along and moves that meal to the ascending colon where it want up and down and that wave carried on & somewhere the previous meal before that maybe lunch or breakfast from the previous day was sitting somewhere maybe in the tranverse colon and t moved that along into the descending colon for exit out of the oft.
The food that should’ve moved along gets “constipated” when we eat meals either too large or too small interfering with good Parastaltic action!!!!!!!

And we don’t want that we want good fast metabolism! Intermittent Fasting really helps me listen I my stomach when I eat!

Our bodies will let is know if we aren’t keeping on schedule with time as well as food.

Eat a half an hour within the same time each day. If you miss that time frame don’t be afraid! Let yourself trust your body and skip that meal altogether. You won’t die & you will feel invigorated!

Try and find some of these natural remedies that work for you if you have a sluggish bowel:

Acid fruits like oranges, grapfruit & berries are laxative.

Sometimes a good probiotic is all a person needs. Pick up acidophilus from your health food store!

But whole flaxseed and grind several tablespoons up daily & sprinkle them on your cereal and salad. Essential fatty acids oxide losing nutrients in that food as soon as exposed to heat light and oxygen! Great for fibre and omega 3 & 6!

Phsyllium husk

Green veggie juices

Magnesium from greens in smoothie

1 tablespoon of nutritional oil in smoothie

Things that hinder good digestion:

Why does poor posture hinder good digestion?! Cramping or slouching over doesn’t allow enough room for our organs to digest the food properly!

Watery soups need to be eaten with salad and or bread for good Parastaltic action because once the liquid is absorbed there’s not enough food to push it through.

Tight clothing can squish the organs causing not enough room in there to be able to digest the food. God made our organs to move!

Meat has no fiber. It moves very slowly through the digestive system. After 72 hours of meat sitting in a warm place it starts rotting in the bowels. Eat meat with big green salad instead of potatoes to at least move it though your system as you work to eliminate it from your diet.

Inactivity makes sluggish bowel system. Exercise moves our diaphram!

Sweating perfusing aka a sensible perspiration our bodies draw water from the bowel constipating us because of dehydration!

Proccessed carbohydrates & sugars cause a part of our digestive system called the didudum to stop the digestive system which allows ferementaion in our small intestine. If it’s a protein it’s going to cause rotting and putrification.

If we violate any of these 5 principals for good digestion fermentation and rotting takes place which mpairs good digestion!!!!!!!


My Rollercoaster Transformation has finally come to a nice Stroll!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the rollercoaster story of my health & weight.

2006 160# Standard American Diet


2009 140# Wanted to lose weight for wedding was trying not to over eat but a I always felt hungry!


2011 150# McDonald’s+heavy factory work


2012 155# still heavy factory work.
Left factory 6 month after Herniated 2 disks in low back had to pay lots bills and take medical leave. Couldn’t walk for 2 weeks.


2013 160# Sedentary graphic design school from home


9.14.2013 155# failing at goal of vegan because of dairy allergy cheese addiction that caused me chronic bronchitis 3 different rounds over 3 months of antibiotics and still had it so I looked it up and took Nature’s bounty orderless garlic (because it’s a natural antibiotic that some believe doesn’t wipe all the good gut bacteria out like pharmaceutical antibiotics do) gel caps a small palmful each meal and started also taking the same brands probiotic gold extra strength and off brand vitamin C timed release with rose hips for 3 weeks and finnaly got rid of it. How terrible to have to live like that for so long qith inhalers not good sleep either when can’t breathe!


3.4.2014 130# Completed 30 Days of Master Lemonaid Cleanse diet+followed by transitioning into a 80% carb 10% fat 10% prot Raw Til 4pm Vegan diet. That’s one of my 1000 calorie banana smoothies inspired by Freelee the banana girl on YouTube.
I don’t recommend either having done both for extended periods of time.


6.26.2014 145# only 10% fat was getting too difficult for me to stick to which as soon as I deviated from 10% fat all the weight just came back on averaging 70%carbs20%fat10%prot


11.14.2014 160# gained weight camera shy chronic pain at it’s worst. Back up to 160 after 8/10/10 4 months and 70% carbs 20% fat 10% protein 2 months


12.23.2014 145# Lost15# With 4 weeks of Maximized Living International Advanced Plan, but wasn’t seeing weight loss in the first 2 weeks so switched to 1500 calories a day and 3 days of 7-15 minute HIIT. Immediate relief from chronic pain within just day 1. Took about 4 days before brain fog and headaches went away from too much carbs still in my system when I switched to the opposite of 80/10/10-to high healthy fat and very low glycemic index Maximized Living International Advanced Plan diet.


Went to core plan which is like advanced plan but can eat more whole grain unrefined carbohydrates.

Didn’t see more results with ML core plan so went back on advanced plan for 2 weeks still nothing so Switched to IF:

7.2.2015 135# Lost 10# after 7 months of imperfect Intermittent Fasting with 7-15 minute High Intensity Interval training 3x a week.


10.10.2015 130# lost another 5# after Prefered 10 to 12 hours before breaking fast (includes sleeping) even sometimes longer if I couldn’t take brake at work -not recommend.


12.19.2015 120# Lost a total of 25# with I.F. I was 120 before Christmas 2015 & was only working out once a week and wasn’t where I wanted to be with core strength for back injury prevention.


3.10.2016 130# OVERALL I’VE LOST 30# & KEPT IT OFF WITH INTERMITTENT FASTING & HIIT. The number on a scale is that just a number. Listen to your body take good care of it and it will know how to treat you!!! My weight stays steady when I’m working out and Intermittent Fasting on at least a semi-consistant basis. That’s why I love it because I don’t have to workout like a maniac and I don’t have to restrict my goodies halleliuah there is a God! Thank You Jesus!
Vegan wasn’t what helped me lose weight neither was the high carb diet not the advanced plan not the atkins diet I tried in 2012 before going vegan the first time. Absolutley nothing has helped me maintain my current weight except for Intermittnet Fasting. My pain is managable when I eat this way! Anyone who has had or knows someone who’s herniated disks knows it never gets easier. We just learn how to deal with it! And for me that’s why my goal is to keep sticking to IF because it’s just easy especially now since I started tracking my calories & macronutrients better when I learned about how Calorie Cycling helps prevent fatigue, and strength and weightloss plateaus! It’s helping me make sure I’m getting everything I need for good muscle recovery to build up my core strength & endurance so hopefully I can finally overcome and manage my back pain for good with a healthy nutritionally packed intermittent fasting lifestyle and be able to just have fun and do activies and workout s without pain!


It takes time to tap into your bodies fat stores depending how much weight is stored. Longer fasts can be of more benefit the more weight needed to lose, but parastaltic action is neccessary to eliminate unwanted pounds therefore we must be eating enough food to not have a plataue. That’s why calorie cycling and refeed days are important!

It takes time to tap into your bodies fat stores depending how much weight is stored. Longer fasts can be of more benefit the more weight needed to lose, but parastaltic action is neccessary to eliminate unwanted pounds therefore we must be eating enough food to not have a plataue. That’s why calorie cycling and refeed days are important!


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  1. jacob revor says:

    I will have to look into hyperacidity because i eat fruits and vegetables in the same meal everyday. Ill have to see of it really has a serious issues on digestion.
    Great blog my only suggestion is to make them shorter. They are really good but i dont know if i will read all of your blogs because they take me 30 minutes or more to read. I really want to read them all too. A 5 to 15 minute blog is perfect length.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Jake!!! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them! Yes plan is to get them shorter! Once my 30 Day 7 goalz challange is complete I’ll have accomplished my goalz of making them habbits!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means no more reporting on the goalz challange and it will be the weekly the breath eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out posts-anything to do with physical nutritional spiritual mental & emotional health!


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