What are push goals and how am I using them?!


First Here’s how I did on my 7 goalz 30 day challange for the week of March 27th-April 2nd

Second is breakdown of this very real raw process that brought about this list and all the work that went into this!

wake up everyday between 5-7am-no I was working hard all week long to accomplish finishing up organizing some things so all can be in place to stick to my new schedule you will see in the photo! This week is new!!!!!!!!!!

Water 24 fluid ounces daily with lemon a pinch or real salt for the electrolytes and a pinch of ceyenne pepper gave me great metabolism boost all week long

tea-everyday except Tuesday and Sunday and because of that it did help me stick to IF all week except for Tuesday and ceyenne in the water definitely helps a lot

listen to bible-we’ve been following the Daily Bread devotion and we now know what we want to do for our daily bible reading plan for bible in a year!
2 chapters a day Old Testament 1 a day in New 3 verses from Proverbs and 1 chapter of Psalm

pray my hubby out the door-no I didn’t get to as much this week because I wasn’t awake at the earlier hours!


chiropractic home care core abdominal and muscle specific exercises before workout & housekeeping after finish my tea and turn on music-Wednesday Thursday & Friday & other days before bed

house cleaning after core exercises and before workout-did good and kept it to much better this week!

glute activation exercises like hip bridges and leg raise variations in posterior position for preventing back injury-yes W T F before workouts!

exercise-about 30 minutes football sunday and 15 minutes HIIT Wednesday Thursday and Friday!!!

ready for day-did good with that this week on the days I worked out especially!

smoothies with fruit greens nuts seeds plant milk organic vinegar as a prebiotic and protein-Wednesday & Friday both turned out awesome but friday I used a couple coffee beans and no vinegar! Also Wednesday & Thursday I experimented with adding Royal Jelly to breaking my Intermittent fast just before workout for a boost and I can say I don’t feel it makes a differance.image

bible word studies painting collages song-word studies yes but collages only photo collages to organize mine

lunch high fibre whole food-favoite has been organic banana with organic peanut butter (but added oil isn’t a whole food) as post smoothie snack before dinner

look up recipes & cook dinner rice beans bulgar quinoa-I feel like God really blessed me this week in not doing this so I could get fully prepared to stick to my schedule this week!

I did log food and exercise because I have been keeping track in the Lose It! App since I first started my goalz and I don’t like to see too much gaps, but as for aiming to hit my new

total calories and Macronutrient ratios by % in carb fat and protein breakdown below:

Weekly Total Calories Aim 11,900
Total Calories 3.27-4.2.16 12,704

Lower protein & Lower calorie diets have protective benefits against cancer! http://m.ajcn.nutrition.org/content/84/6/1456.abstract?sid=a9c63bab-3be1-47c0-9f33-450c6b571c3c

1 training day to be a refeed day a week of about 1900 calories-Yes!
F 1902 57 31 12

All other training days are at about 1600 calories- 15 minutes High Intensity Interval Training W T F
M 863 55 29 16
T  1377 67 21 12
W 1458 60 23 17
T 2231 54 35 11
Last week Easter Sunday I was so sore and tired that all I wanted to do was sleep this greatly affected my recovery and dragged out my soreness interferring with my endurnce goals, but on average it’s close to my new daily net calories. Next time I’ll be sure to get enough nutritious calories in if it was a training day! With intermittent fasting you can get away with eating a lot one day and less than another. That happened this week but not on purpose, good thing is it averages out to about the same calories per week which is perfect because with intermittent fasting the body has a chance to burn the stored fat so wheather at a deficit with calories or not benefits come! Just be sure you don’t choose a lower calorie day on a day you worked out so you have good muscle recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!

While rest days are at about 1500 calories-
Sunday March 27
1494 55 36 9
Saturday April 2
3379 58 32 10
I pigged out on 2 stacks of pancakes one after midnight and the other for brealfast! Saturday was about 3300 calories because we also walked around downtown for like 15 minutes total and had banana cake and soy chai frozen yogurt at a coffee shop!

Before any exercise our bodies need 1200 calories to support properly functioning organs & good metabolism.

I’m not a scientist or a doctor but my common sense says if you have that energy or calories for that stored in your body as a little bit of extra weight then obviuosly our bodies know what to do!

Doctors and organizations alike are now reccomending other intermittent fasting diets like 5 & 2 where you eat normal 5 days and 2 days 500 calories dense nutritious foods and the eat a day skip a day diet as in eat regualr calories one day and none the next all week.

Push Goalz

Day 1
Getting Started

personal eval
scale of 1-10. 10 being very satisfied, and 1 being dissatisfied. Jot down each of these areas, give them a score, and hold on to this list because it will help you determine where you need to focus.

#1: Physical Health 5- Vegan eat moreCals

#2: Emotional Health 5- Be my own cheer

#3: Environment 3- Collect like minded folk

#4: Financial 3- Budget our financial goals

#5: Leisure/Fun 3- Budget my schedule

#6: Friends/Family 7- Stengthen ties

#7: Significant other 7- Daily connect

#8: Purpose/Caree 7- Know

#9: Personal Growth 6- Word study art

#10: Spiritual Growth 6-Praying without Ceasing

Day 2
How to determines top priorities

Intrinsic priorities=Higher scores=Natural

Key Priority=Lower scores=Improvementimage

Day 3
Select Your Top Ten Goalz

Weekly I’m going to create a new list of 10 goals that will help me refocus where I need my goal steps to take me!

I am surrounded by like minded people

I am grocery shopping only with Curtis

I am naturally letting top priorities rise

I am satiated in my spiritual+physical food

I am my biggest faith supporter

I am fulfilling living my purposes daily in developing my passions to serve God***

I spend time with my husband daily**

I am strong in my family connections

I am grounded yet flying with God*

I am blessing others flowing through meimage

Day 4
Identifying Your Push Goal

My push goals=

1. God+Scriptural arts collages paintings and song

2. Husband+Daily 5 communication+Weekly dates

3. Developing my passions to serve God

Why did I get distracted in the first place. I saw Curtis living out his purpose and it  discouraged me that I wasn’t living out mine so what did I do I got distracted from my path stepping into the field and possibly getting poisin jvy or getting bitten by a snake to pick all the flowers even though I had nothing else to do with them besides smell them. I got distracted from my path with all the good and not so good things being depressed I’d try to help others with their problems to try to feel better about myself by saving them like that was my purpose even though it wasnt.

It’s no ones purpose to save someone else.
It’s only our purpose to live out the purpose we were created for. In doing so we are an example to those that aren’t yet finding fullfillment and purpose in there life by living out what they were called to create  and do.

Create memories or love within ourselves so it overpowers the unserving memeories in our past that hold us back because of trying to save others.

That’s our purpose!

“Creativity begins where the objectification of perfection ends.”©2016 -Alicia Mulder

“If it feels like a burden then it’s not our purpose.” ©2016 -Curtis


“Make it so exciting that you can’t help but put the effort in to achieving this push goal. You want to make the future so alluring that to not take the steps to realizing it would feel crazy.

Now you’re going to brainstorm everything it takes to achieve this goal, all the tiny steps and all the big things you must do to get from where you are now to where you are going to be.

Be honest.

Be thorough.

Be assured that you can and will accomplish this goal faster than you ever imagined. Don’t get discouraged by the list of things you’re going to need to do, this is what will become your plan of attack. Get the ideas out of your brain and onto paper. What’s it going to take to start that business or pay off that debt? What do you need to know to be able to do that? What is between where you are now and where you are going to be? Brainstorm and write everything that comes to mind. Then think again about how good it’s going to feel to reach this goal! Begin to feel as if you already have. Know that it is not only possible it’s inevitable. You have committed to reaching your goals and living an amazing and successful life!

Still need help to determine your PUSH goal?  You can get more help by listening to my podcast 1 Step Goal Mastery.” -Chalene Johnson http://push.kajabi.com/posts/day-1-getting-started

Promise yourself and important people in your life that your going to surpass all your push goals in 12 months from now!


This is the accountability challange my husband and I made to eachother with 3  joint push goalz for building a strong marriage through the goggles of “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Egerichs and “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman

Affirmations first!
The 3 goalz we feel we accomplished together in 2015:
1.) Alicia feels loved in her language of “words of affirmation” by Curtis when he shows he’s thinking of her throughout his day.
2.) Curtis feels respected in his language of “acts of service” by Alicia when her dress reflects her inner beauty.
3.) We both fell loved and repsected in our language of “quality time” when we spend time together.

Our joint 3 push goalz we want to accomplish together 2016:
1.) Alicia feels loved in her language of “words of affirmation” by Curtis when he seeks to genuinely get to know her by first giving compliments and listening to focus his mind on the positive he sees in her and save his opinions for the right time.
2.) Curtis feels respected in his language of “acts of service” by Alicia when we work together as a team to make budget and save money.
3.) We both feel loved and respected in our language of “quality time” when we communicate as a team with nightly devotions without phones passed 9pm and in bed by 10pm.

Here’s your weekly breathe eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out!

“Significance of BMI

BMI is a simple, quick calculation meant for use in classifying people who are not physically active and who have an average body composition, and is generally considered a good indicator of whether you’re at a healthy, normal weight for your height. Numerous research studies have related BMI, especially the degree of overweight, to an increased risk of developing various diseases as well as premature death.”

A photo I made of my healthier BMI!!!!!!!



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