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Sorry this post is coming out not at the  I wanted it to!

I will be having these posts ready to publish by Monday mornings starting next week!

This past week I woke up about 9am-10am-ish everyday! That’s better than what I’d normally. Usually when I feel I’ve failed to stick to the goalz I’ve set perfectly I act like a victim with a defeated mindset.

Well hello world… No victimz here sorry!

This past week was basically just do or die to get all my digital stuff organized!

Friends and family are thankful for the photos ect I’ve sent! About time!

Very late updating this post but I want it to be very thorough for my reflection.

Here’s how I did on my 7 goalz 30bday challange for the week March 20th-26th

water-24 fluid ounces daily with lemon a pinch or real salt for the electrolytes and a pinch of ceyenne pepper gave me great metabolism boost all week long

tea-not everyday and because of that I think I didn’t stick to IF all week but ceyenne in the water definitely helped a lot

listen to bible- no because we have been figuring out how we want to continue with the bible in one year plan.

pray my hubby out the door-no I didn’t get to as much this week because I wasn’t awake at the earlier hours!


chiropractic home care core abdominal and muscle specific exercises-Thursday and Friday before housekeeping after finish my tea and turn on music

glute activation exercise like hip bridges and variations of leg raises and foam rolling in posterior position to prevent back injuries-Thursday and Friday before workout

house cleaning-as little as possible to het by

exercise-10 minutes HIIT Thursday and Friday with football on Sunday and because of this only 10 minute issue that dropped my endurance way down and after football on Sunday I’m just way tobsore to even workout which I’m not happy about at all

ready for day-i did terrible with that this week

smoothies with fruit greens nuts seeds protein-fruit and zija moringa dutch chocolate protein powder separately

bible word studies painting collages song-word studies yes but collahes only photo collages to send to friends

lunch high fibre whole food-when I could get it without cooking as I had no time

dinner rice beans bulgar quinoa-didn’t look up recipes or cook but thankfully my husband cooked me broccoli and asparagus!

I did log food and exercise because I have been keeping track in the Lose It! App since I first started my goalz and I don’t like to see too much gaps, but as for aiming to hit my new calorie and Macronutrient ratios of:

1 training day to be a refeed day a week of about 1800 calories.

All other training days are at about 1600 calories.

While rest days are at about 1500 calories.

That’s before any exercise above 1200 which is what you want for properly functioning organs and maintaining a good metabolism!

Went out the window for this week! Gasp!



Here’s your weekly breathe eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out!

Can either change the game or the name of it ha! We will see!!!!!!!

Thanks to Dr. Sara Solomon including Harris Benedict’s Law into her calorie calculator along with incorporating calorie cycling days into my IF-ing!
Not getting endorsed just citing source

Lite Calculator

I have new informationz! For my hiit success strength gainz!

Here’s my new regimen

At my height weight age ect.

Rest days AKA Calorie Cycling Dayz:
16% lower in carbohydrates and 15%
higher in healthy fats than regular training days like coconut oil, avocados, olives, nuts & seeds because healthy fats will satiate me because my insulin won’t spike as high causing more hunger so I can stay within my calorie range for rest dayz!
*At this time Saturday’s & Sunday’s=
Including any leisure activities like throwing a football or taking a walk
*I will be eating about 1600 calories!
45%carbs 40%fats 15%protein

Regular training days:
25% fats and 61% carbohydrates provide satiety & energy for daily living!
*At this time mondays through Thursday’s=
15 minutes of high intensity interval training-I prefer with weights because it takes much less time to get my heart rate up! But I’m keeping my mind open to switching to Mondays & Wednesday’s as hiit and Tuesday’s and Thursday’s PiYo ((Similar to Hiit) It combines Pilates & Yoga without high impact for easy on the joints into a fast paced session of about 30 minutes for a good sweat without added weights using only body weight for resistance strength training and also greatly improves alignment and flexibility!)
*I will be eating about 1700 calories
61%carbs 25%fats 14%protein

Refeed Dayz:
6% higher in carbs and 5% more healthy fats than regular training days with  provide to absorb all the fat soluble vitamins from whole food starches like sweet potatoes ect. for glycogen to fuel my muscles for all of my amazing workouts done throughout the week!
*At this time Friday’s baby!!!!!!!=
15 minutes Hiit possibly longer if I’m feeling particularly inspired or I feel my endurance increasing!
*I will be eating about 1900 calories!
67%carbs 30%fats 13%protein

Starting today, Monday March 28, 2016 I’m experimenting with this information that’s also new to me!

I will be consuming 6 grams esessential amino acids in the form of  2 teaspoons of Bee Pollen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*At this time every morning with organic tea and a splash of coconut milk. Saving the food grade diatomaceous earth to blend into my smoothies possibly along with another 2 teaspoons of bee pollen for 6 grams of amino acids along with natural forms of glucose like royal jelly, raw honey and or fruit to refuel my muscles for quicker recovery post workout!!!
*I will be eating a smoothie with nuts & or seeds, dark leafy greens, and or protein, and fruit! Total worth at least 35 to 60 grams of carbohydrates!

Optional Addition to Everyday:
Either before and or after a workout with or without (w/ 35g carbohydrate showed an increase in protein synthesis up to 400% ) carbohdrates 0.5 grams per pound of body weight (for me would be 60 grams carbs) in the form of moderate to high glycemic index fast digesting sustenances (ie: dates, bananas, potatoes, white rice, pretzels, honey, fruit & for sport supplement/protein shake (dextrose delivers glycogen back to the liver faster than maltodextrin) pre & post workout can decrease muscle-protein catabolism/breakdown of lean tissue.
“Creatine supplementation of 3-5 g per day leads to significant increases in lean body mass, power output, strength, and muscle-fiber size. A recent study found that adding creatine into your post-workout routine may be superior to pre-workout ingestion for body composition and strength gains.27
Glutamine= “Dosing guidelines: 10 gram per day of L-glutamine divided into two 5-gram doses. Consume one dose immediately following training, and a second dose two hours later.”

BCAAvsEAA Carbs before/after workout
BCAA pre workout showed no different benefits than with or without carbohydrates.
As opposed to this study that showed consuming ESSENTIAL AMINO-ACID CARBOHYDRATE solution pre workout
produced an increase in muscle protein synthesis.

According to this study, timing of protein consumption is irrelevant to gaining strength.

BCAA supplements similar Bee Pollen!
They both contain the highest amount of L-Leucine and lower similar amounts of L-Isoleucine & Valine. Definitely not the 2:1:1 ratio sold in BCCA suppliments, but I’m not looking for perfection just whole food sources that give my body all it needs!!!!!!!
BCAA suppliments can include 2000mg L-Leucine and 1000mg each of L-Isoleucine and Valine and usually produced to include 20mg sodium 40mg potassium 2.5mg vitamin b6 and 1000mg L-Glutamine.

Scientists refer to Glutamine as the fountain of youth!
“Glutamine and glutamic acid

The amino acids glutamine and glutamic acid are closely related in a chemical sense. The human body is able to produce L-glutamine itself, from L-glutamic acid through the glutamate ammonium ligase. Considering the numerous metabolic processes glutamine is a part of, it is not surprising that it is the amino acid with the highest concentration in blood plasma, musculature and cerebral and spinal fluid. At 60%, it represents the largest amount of free amino acids in the body.

The demand for glutamine increases with physical and mental stress. Production of this important amino acid, which takes place in the body, often slows down with age and does not generate sufficient amounts. External supplementation is recommended in such cases.

Glutamine regulates the acid-base balance and makes the skin firm 

A supply of essential micro nutrients promotes the production of skin cells and slows aging. This is why a balanced diet is the foundation for healthy skin. An unbalanced, unhealthy diet can lead to hyperacidity and the acid-base ratio becoming imbalanced with the consequence that cells and tissues become destroyed.

Glutamine plays a decisive role in keeping a balanced acid-base ratio. Thanks to glutamine, toxic ammonia is separated off in the kidneys and the basic ammonia molecule is connected to acids and is excreted. A further advantage is that bicarbonate which is necessary for the neutralization of acids can be saved.1

A sufficient supply of glutamine is important for firm and supple skin. If not enough glutamine is available, the body takes the necessary protein from muscle mass and converts it to glutamine and energy. This leads to muscle proteins being lost, muscle strands becoming thinner and the skin becoming generally saggy. This is why glutamine has been referred to as an “internal fountain of youth” by scientists.2

Glutamine strengthens the immune system and is essential for hair growth

Glutamine serves as a nitric oxide and carbon supplier and is also an important element for building and maintaining muscles. The amino acids are necessary for nucleotide synthesis, where cells which divide quickly such as those for the immune system and hair folliclesare dependent on this energy source.

Glutamine can combat fat storage

Glutamine can be converted to glucose in the kidneys, without effecting glucagon or insulin levels. Glutamine can combat the storage of fat from food by bypassing fat deposition normally caused by insulin.3 This can be helpful when trying to regulate body weight. There are also indications that glutamine can reduce the demand for sugar and alcohol.2

Other functions of glutamine and glutamic acid

During the synthesis from glutamine to glutamic acids, the brain is protected from the toxic effects of ammonia. This protection against the cell toxin prevents impediments to brain functions and improves long and short term memory.

Patients in states of exhaustion and who have cognitive brain dysfunctions often have a glutamic acid deficiency. Anxiety, tension, sleep disorders and insomnia and a lack of concentration are all connected to this. Glutamine increases the production of the gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA). GABA is an important neurotransmitter which acts like a lock keeper to slow down the sodium channels between the nerve cells in the brain and is therefore like a natural tranquilizer. If the body has enough glutamine, it can build GABA which can have positive results such as inner calm and tranquility, also in stressful situations, improved concentration levels and a more peaceful and fulfilling sleep.1

Bee Pollen also has vitamin b6!
“Bee pollen has been considered to have the following nutrients:
Vitamins: Provitamin A, B-1 Thiamin, B-2 Riboflavin, B-3 Nancin, B-5, B-6 Pyridoxine, B-12 (cyanocobalamine), Pantothenic acid, Vitamin C, F, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Vitamin K, Vitamin PP, Folic Acid, Choline, Inositol, Rutin.”

Humans can live off of bee pollen!!!!!!!
“Bee pollen is a complete food and contains many elements that products of animal origin do not possess. Bee pollen is richer in proteins than any animal source. It contains more amino acids than beef, eggs, or cheese of equal weight. Bee pollen is particularly concentrated in all elements necessary for life.”

Get rid of depression and substance abuse with bee pollen!
“By providing nutrients for neurotransmitter production, bee pollen helps to restore brain chemistry balance and related feelings of well-being and satisfaction. It is difficult to get enough of the specific amino acids from our typical diet that our brains need  to manufacture neurotransmitters that keep us feeling balanced and happy.” http://

The complete spectrum of amino acids present in bee pollen are:
Cysteine – 3.4 mg per gram – deactivate free radicals and neutralize toxins
Alanine – 12.3 mg per gram – strengthens the immune system by producing antibodies
Valine – 12.1 mg per gram – essential amino acid that helps calm emotions
Leucine – 16.1 mg per gram – essential amino acid that increases alertness
Iso Leucine – 10.5 mg per gram – essential amino acid
Histidine – 5 mg per gram – essential for tissue growth and repair
Phenylalanine – 10 mg per gram – antidepressant, improves memory and reduces hunger
Serine – 12.4 mg per gram – strengthen the immune system by providing antibodies
Threonine – 10.1 mg per gram – assists metabolism and assimilation
Lysine – 10.7 mg per gram – enhances absorption of calcium
Methionine – 5.7 mg per gram – reduces withdrawal symptoms and depression
Arginine – 8 mg per gram – promotes regeneration of the liver
Aspartic acid – 22.8 mg per gram – aids in the expulsion of harmful ammonia from the body
Tyrosine – 7.6 mg per gram – helps with depression and fatigue
Glutamic acid 23.7 mg per gram – helps to decrease the craving for alcohol
Proline – 21.8 mg per gram – helps maintain and strengthen heart muscles
Glycine – 10.3 mg per gram – helps make hormones responsible for a strong immune system
Tryptophan – 2 mg per gram – anti-anxiety and anti-depressant

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