Stepping Out Of Victim Mentality Into Leadership Reality©2016 -Alicia Mulder

proverbs chapter 3 verses 5 & 6 scripture proclamation affirmationzThat’s my mantra for 2016. I’m all or nothing. That’s my blessing and curse. It’s Monday March 21, 2016. I’m not giving up. I am organizing all my stuff and learning to find balance between giving myself grace and holding to it to get it done.

It’s not Tuesday yet!

Weekly, I will be reporting my 7 goalz 30 day challange progress!

As much as it hurts to be 100% transparent I know that’s what I need to do for myself because that’s the route that’s always been most fulfilling for me in learning and having it make a lasting change differance in my life!

As editing this it’s now Tuesday! Unfortunately I’m getting a bit later of a start than I wanted!

Once I’m done organizing all my digital stuff I will be able to follow through completely with my 7 goalz which are chopped up into detail below!

I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing this journey with me!!!

The point of writing out what I stuck to and didn’t out of the breakdown of my 7 goalz is so I can use them as an open besca health from the inside out diary for furture referance on getting me to my goalz and so that I can see all that I did accomplish because an old familiar victim mentality tries to point out the things I didn’t do which is of no help in moving me forward into reaching all my goalz!

I woke up everyday between 5 and 7 am!
I have been drinking 24-32 oz mineral water but, haven’t been drinking lemon in my water, but I notice much better happenings in my gut when I did even though I need to figure out a different straw for protecting teeth!
Somedays I skipped Intermittent fasting and skipped drinking tea.
Some days I drank the tea plain which I noticed tha when I did drink the tea with ground ginger and food grade diatomaceous earth I had better digestion for the rest of the day aka good b.m. because first thing in the day elliminating all toxins following the colon cleaning lemon water on empty fasted system, but I think my tea is about 15% yerba mate (not to say I will not still enjoy chocolate or other smaller amounts of caffine here or there as well) mixed with caffine free organic runa orange ginger tea mixed with some brain booster tea from (not getting endorsed for any products from or

Listened to the bible with my husband somedays and prayed him out the door as usual :-*

I waited longer than 15 minutes after finishing my tea to get started on my home care chiropractic exercises stretches and power poses for proper allignment.

I am going to start putting my headphone for music on immediately before my chiro exercises for some seriousness and motivation…………

Out of the 3 days I exercised I did do my glute activation exercises post chiro pre workout and I notice I’m gaining more mobility in my hips which is good because that has been one area issue!
pre workout on friday I can say I felt like I had more endurance I actually did 45 minutes of HIIT followed by about 15 minutes lifting some weights and 30 minutes stretching. Which I just learned that weights should be done before cardio because it depletes our glycogen stores slower.

When I do my chiro and glute activation exercises before 15 minutes of HIIT everyday then I don’t feel the need to workout so long to feel good as in strong and healthy not over working myself and creating back pain.

I see obviously for me maybe at this time I do better with 15 minutes, but I’d love for me to be able to increase to where it doesn’t take me so long to recover if I do a long workout.

The days I worked out not on a fasted system I felt weaker. I can tell the Human Growth Hormone release during fasting coupled with high intensity is where I get my muscle gainz which is good because more muscle=burn more calories at resting rate meaning can get away with eating more food and not even noticing because muscle takes more calories to maintain!

Where I usually get stuck is not finishing my tea and wasting all my energy on housekeeping.
I’m trying to figure out how I need to do it that works best for me:
1.) First I absolutely need to listen to the bible and finish all my tea followed by IMMEDIATELY putting headphones on! Music is breathing!
2.) Second to do my chiro exercises.
3.) Third housekeeping.
4.) Fourth glute activation exercises.
5.) Fifth 15 minute HIIT with weights. (because I love how fast my heart rate gets up high in such a short workout)

I have been doing much better at making sure I follow workout with well rounded nutrients which I’m sure is helping with recovery even if I can’t tell!

I haven’t been eating completely vegan yet! I have a few things here we have to finish up one being some Zija Moringa Whey Stevia protein powder which isn’t worth getting rid of. Also it’s my personal goal to eat as much cheesecake as possible so I have to get rid of that yet!

I’ve not made any scriptural paintaings but I have been working on my scriptural collages and I’m currently writing a song!

Friday I went grocery food haul shopping for all things vegan and lower glycemic index yay! I will be sharing what I eat in my weekly posts!

Those that know me know how much I love cooking…not. Thank God for my husband and blenders or I’d live off toaster pastries! I’m terrible I know, but my husband was proud that I cut up a pineapple that was part of Friday’s vegan food haul! 😀

I learned about calorie cycling from Dr Sara Solomon. Along with intermittent fasting is shown many times in people to improve their abilities to maintain thei healthy range lower body fat percent all year! Search Dr. Sara Solomon.

I will be starting to track better for better resluts on my goal:

1 training day to be a refeed day a week of about 1800 calories.

All other training days are at about 1600 calories.

While rest days are at about 1500 calories.

That’s before any exercise above 1200 which is what you want for properly functioning organs and maintaining a good metabolism!

Here’s your weekly independent research inspired tested and self-experienced breathe eat sleep creative arts health from the inside out post!!! You can share this with anyone who may be struggling in any area of their health. Our body know what it needs for health. It’s up to us to be knowledgeable in how to supply it’s demands!



A lesson God taught me on Sunday when I tried hard to seek and find and knock and listen for an answer, God showed me the hardest part is learning how to be still after asking Him for help…….. But that when we are really asking Him to help us and really trying hard to rely on Him for His help and really seeking Him that He never fails to answer…….

I will seek God, and find Him, when I search for Him with all my heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 KJVS
And ye shall seek me, and find me , when ye shall search for me with all your heart.


The answer I was searching for is a way to learn how to make the scriptures come to life and make a differance in mine.


And this is what God helped me learn how to do. Pray the scriptures in first person prayer in addition to what I’ve been doing a while now, looking up the original Greek and Hebrew meaning of the words that don’t make sense to me.
These two practices are making I can tell are going to make all the world of differance for me in my daily life.



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