Doing This For 30 Days Gives a Lasting Mindset Change?!


With a mindset determined for lasting change investing into quality nutrient dense foods and hard work I have seen results that motivate me to life-long quality health; without the cravings to over-eat on lower quality nutrient foods.

From my experience I’ve learned that eating foods high in nutritional content, decreases my cravings to over eat on foods lower in quality nutrients.

Learning to view calories from lower quality foods like soda, as empty calories has helped me greatly with this mindset!

Choosing to first fill up on foods that satisfy deep within my bodies cells keeps me from over eating on less nutritious foods that may bring cravings for more less nutritious foods and I’m sure you get the picture of the negative domino effect this can have on people desiring to see results for a healthier lifestyle!

I love filling up on foods high in nutritional content because to me it feels like not dieting because I’m satiated!

I love not dieting!!!!!!!

Just like how I love to help people through any means I can to get healthy as something they can see in their lives too,  because with my first back injury at age 19 and many more health problems that followed in my early 20’s; I’ve been there and am beyond grateful I have freedom again.

Freedom to do basic daily functions like laundry and take a shower without limitations, but if I chose to first eat foods low in quality nutrients instead then I lack the nutrients to support the life I love to live without limitations!

In my mind I relate this directly to my main foundation in life; spending time alone with God each morning first instead of filling up on a bunch of other activities even if those other activities “taste” good they’re still not my main coarse and Force that fuels all my life’s joys.

The activities that follow and flow naturally from keeping my priorities in line will be thoroughly enjoyed and savoured without becoming my main meal 😉

For me if God’s not the “meat” of my plate then I’m not living to fulfill my purposes; to be used by Him any ways He sees fit to bring Him all the glory in my story…….

That can mean good or bad.

It takes a deep commitment of faith to believe;

God is always sovereign.

He never changes.

That is great for me because I need an Anchor…….

I love that I have the power to choose.

It creates in me a heart of genuine authenticity to chose to live to please the King out of my love for Him and all he’s done for me in saving me from the eternal penalties my sin deserved.

Just like how I love having the freedom to eat whatever macronutrient ratios I desire while maintaining and achieving my goals, I feel God allows us the freedom to choose to use the things placed in our lives in the right balances.

Coming from a background of a high carb low fat diet and then to a high “healthy-fat” low carb diet to a low glycemic diet I’m now in the middle and I’ve never felt better.

I feel my best when I stick to low glycemic, non-insulin spiking, moderate protein, whole foods snacks for breakfast and lunch.

Foods in their unprocessed state during the day keep me fuller longer satiating me making me able to get things done while enjoying my day!

I have learned to really enjoy my food.

I take my time eating…….

I actually enjoy and can taste all the food on my plate all the way up to the very last bite and don’t shovel food down my throat just to eat.

Intermittent fasting has helped me learn the art of truly enjoying my food again and with the imagination and curiosity finding my deep lasting joy and fulfillment in letting God utilize the gifts, passions and talents embedded in my being to draw me closer to Him, fulfilling His purposes He created me for; Him and being a blessing to others for His glory.

So how about you???

Is there any love, passion, talent you wish you could reconnect to that always gave you slight sense of a Creator’s sovereign presence in your life?

Do you need a jump start guide to kicking of your progress in learning how to breathe eat sleep creative arts for our health from the inside out?

If so then head on over to my updated posts on all the health and intermittent fasting tips I incorporate into my lifestyle that for me and others have helped prevent and kick sicknesses faster and feel more satiated in all areas of life! You can check it out here 🙂

I hope we can all learn that being unbiased, but knowing where you need to be to hold your ground is a good approach in reaching and maintaining our physical health fitness and spiritual goals…

Much love and prayers for you all seeking on your journeys; finding fulfilment in the life that brings you lasting joy and peace.

First through finding and realizing your gifts, talents, passions, and blessings from our Creator.

Second letting Him use those gifts to flow through you, fulfilling the purposes He created you for; His pleasure, naturally blessing others.

Breathe Eat Sleep Creative Arts for our health from the inside out ❤ ❤ ❤

Be seeing you succeeding on our journeys…….


Be blessed.

Explaination of my painting above…….

We are His beloved…

Deuteronomy 33:12 KJV “And of Benjamin he said, The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders.”

…as in the same way a mother tenderly affectionately lovingly cares for feeds and carries her newborn infant with her everywhere she goes




Strong’s Definition:

From G5384; to be a friend to (fond of [an individual or an object]) that is have affection for (denoting personal attachment as a matter of sentiment or feeling; while G25 is wider embracing especially the judgment and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle duty and propriety: the two thus stand related very much as G2309 and G1014 or as G2372 and G3563 respectively; the former being chiefly of the heart and the latter of the head); specifically to kiss (as a mark of tenderness): – kiss love





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