BESCA Reveals Her Secret Guides To Ninja-strong Health!

20151230_223637My dinner-time “sodas”!

Who doesn’t want a “Ninja-strong” immune system?!

I’m thankful to share with you and hopeful to help in all my Ninja-ways of the things God has blessed me in learning on my journey to Breath Eat Sleep Creative Arts for our health from the inside out…….

This is my journey to health. I’m sharing it with you. I’m not a doctor or getting paid to tell of any products mentioned here!

It’s comforting to know that if we can’t get to a health food store…

Most of these items are available at our local supermarket!

For Gut Health>>>

For strong gut health add raw organic vinegars as a daily dietary source of energy giving enzymes, help create a proper good to bad gut bacteria ratio that’s easily offset by eating an unbalanced diet too often, and to help digest food to extract it nutrients avoiding malnutrition, building a strong gut wall not allowing toxins to leak into our blood stream known to have all kinds of terrible effects from every symptom in the book to autism spectrum.

Curtis calls me the master mixer!

He usually dislikes carbonation, but he has a tendency of trying to sneak in some love for my “dinner-time sodas”!

Regularly I make mine with just carbonated water and vanilla cream flavoured stevia drops. My secret ingredient! Shhhhhhh! But it’s fun mixing it up!

My favorite ninja tonic is raw organic coconut vinegar with carbonated water, pomegranate juice, pineapple, and shredded unsweetened coconut and adding canned coconut milk and cinnamon to that makes great Italian cream soda!

For killing internal parasites and boosting immunity consume lots of garlic! There are oderless gel caps by Nature’s Bounty that work very well and are truly orderless for very cheap in the vitamin isle!  I used that to get rid of 3 months plus bronchitis that no antibiotics were helping from the doctor! Worked my way up to a quarter size amount every meal for 3 weeks and finally I got better! Thank God for mother earth!!!!!!!

Add food grade diatomacous earth that many swear by for never getting sick because of it’s parasite killing properties with ground ginger and ceylon cinnamon for medicinal pain relief, and macca powder because it can lessen the effects of caffine induced adrenal fatigue, to organic black coffee or tea after starting the morning out on an empty stomach with lemon water warm <if desired> and cayenne pepper for minimal daily liver toxin cleansing, revved metabolism and clear sinuses!

D.E. is crushed up sea shells of diatoms that originally reside on the ocean floor finely ground into off white powder that looks like glass under a microscope killing any bug with an exoskeleton scraping their shell leaving them to literally dehydrate…

The high silica content is known to improve weight loss acting like a broom as it cleans out intestines.

I used to not like black coffee! If you haven’t tried black coffee with cinnamon and ginger then go for it!

Adding this to your morning everyday on a lifestyle basis can prevent; and rid sinus infections, provide more energy and focus, and help manage a healthy weight!

If you’re looking to jump-start your journey to health with a detox and possibly and loose up to 5 or more pounds in 1 week of toxins in your colon then try adding smooth move peppermint tea before bed every night to this routine for 1 week.


For healthy eating and exercising I give examples in this blog
of what I do that has finally helped me get to where I need to be in managing the pain and diseases I’m so thankful beyond measure to say I’ve overcome.

Please support me in liking and sharing if you like it!!!!!!!

For core strength the foundations turbo boosting journeys to ultimate health are proper nutrients from food and home core exercises you can do just 5 minutes morning and night. Fixing “ugly forward head posture” aka: poor spinal alignment.

Core strength always trumps any amount of weight we can lift…

Without building the foundation of core strength we will most likely be be doing daily activities and exercise without proper form which can quickly equate to poor alignment causing a host of symptoms that can come from it like chronic back pain and even digestion issues!!!!!!!

I use a underhand resistance band to strengthen scapula and shoulder muscles because I learned the hard way and injured myself by lifting too much weight without first gaining core strength for proper form during workouts and daily activity.

I learned so much from the Maximized Living team of doctors and staff at the Grandville location! They are international!!!!!!!

While seated on my air filled wobble cushion I also perform my daily Maximized Living chiropractic exercises that they prescribe for all their patients.

I use a weighted head band can try use a 2 lb wet towel. Look straight ahead while I have that on also simply arch back and stomach out and in like a C both ways counting to 70 and then side to side hips touching elbows 70 times.  I also use a nuse looking thing attached to the door that is the main one because spinal alignment starts in the neck!

I can’t function without these in my daily activities because they really train our core muscles to activate and function during our daily small uses so that when we go to do more physical things we have that foundational core strength necessary to do it with proper form!

That is my morning and evening routine to support my daily functions along with hip stretch and wrist stretch!!!


For Minimized Toxic Environment  >>>

For hand soap dilute Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap 10 to 90% water in foam dispensers.

For shower we use Every One Soap 3-in-one body, shampoo, and shave it’s all vegan and non GMO!!!!!!!

For antibacterial bad-mood killing aromatherapy: combine all the undiluted essential oils of four thieves and more into one dark sealed bottle as a base essential oil blend.

For skin care, deodorant, toothpaste, pain and inflammation, and aroma-therputic perfumes and colognes add a woodsy note of essential oil and straight witchazel with customizations of fruity floral for her and minty citrus for him! We spray these on liberally after showering after we first apply organic honey and coconut oil toning and hrydrating the skin; our bodies largest organ like nothing else I’ve ever tried! We also do a coconut oil swish for protecting teeth following baking soda!

For home-made anti-bacterial good smelling after shower, surface, and room spray dilute 4 Theives Essential Oil with just water and or witchazel and or organic vinegar.


For Stress Relief >>>


Invite God into all your activities; experiencing His presence while using your gifts, talents, and passions for His glory fulfilling His purposes He created your soul for before you were even born wherever you’re at and He will guide you through everything.

Jeremiah 1:5 KJVS
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

Romans 8:28 KJVS
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

The essence and foundation of life is just to breathe…….

Find your passions and ask God use them to make a difference first in your relationship with Him, then within yourself, then for your loved ones, then for your friends, then the world…

Please join my God appointed inspiration to breathe eat sleep creative arts for our health from the inside out by liking and sharing my works to support each other on our individual journeys to finding that which we are truly passionate about and using that to make a positive difference in the lives of others around us!!!








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