2016 In The Eyez Of…

20151230_090743It’s a new year! It’s a new year. It’s a new year…….


Depending on your mindset these can come across is any light of character.


Beauty is in the eye of it’s beholder.


Are you ready to fully experience. The. Best. Most beautiful. 2016. Of your life.


Make that a statement. In your mind. Not a question that can fade with time.


Call on God your maker everytime.


When you sleep when you rise.


Thank Him for every meal. Every breath. Every smile. Thank Him for just being Him in all the things you go through in life that He’s been with you every step at your side. Even though it may not always feel like it at times.


The solution to gratifaction is satisfaction. Yes, I just made up that word.


Work towards being satisfied right here right now where you are in your life so that no matter what comes your way you’re prepeared to be thankful for all things allowed in your life.


Beauty is in the eye of it’s beholder…….


In a way this relates to mindset.


For me particularly with food;


With what we think and what we eat.


Eat to live abundantly not just to fill your stomach.


Eat to meet your nutritional needs that may help keep junk food cravings away!


Eat to enjoy every bit of it not just to smash in some calories.


Eat like the French…….


Eat food; not processed chemicals,


Eat slower to really enjoy it,


Eat less of it,




Splurge a little on the things you love.


“By improving our own mindset we are stronger together in helping others to behold much more beautiful things in life this 2016.” -Alicia Mulder original 2016!

What’s your mindset you’d like to see yourself adapt to for this year 2016?!



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